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WWE All Stars

Create A Superstar Game Saves

Chris Jericho
CAW by bajajrocks

Date added: 9th May 2011
Move set-any brawler
Finisher-your choice
Enterance- any
Nicname-The Superstar
Height- 5:11

Skin-Skin Colour-19;0;14

Ring gear-

Upper body-

Arm gear-elbow pads-(right and left hand)-style 2-color 1 and 2 0;0;4
Wrist tape- style 4- color 1 & 2-0;0;15

Lower body-
Underwear-style 0-Color 1 & 2- 1;0;9

Knee pads-(Right & Left)-style 3-Color 1-0;31;0 color 2-0;0;5
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