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WWE All Stars

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WWE All Stars CAWs

  Name ↓ Creator Attire Added ↓ Vid
Mabel GMaybee Men on A Mission 27th Aug 12
Magnum TA GMaybee 27th Aug 12
Mankind GMaybee 19th Sep 11
Marc Mero GMaybee Marvelous 14th Aug 11
Mark Henry VivekPremGamers Current Black 9th Jun 11
Marty Jannetty GMaybee Rockers 17th Dec 11
Mason Ryan GMaybee Longer Hair 17th Dec 11
Matt Hardy Skyrazor08 WWE 13th May 11
Michael McGillicutty GMaybee 17th Dec 11
  Mick Foley (2) Show
    Creator Attire Added Vid
1 GMaybee 19th Sep 11
2 KARSTN SVR2008 10th Oct 11
Mike Awesome GMaybee 27th Aug 12
Mil Mascaras GMaybee 30th Sep 11
Mitsuharu Misawa GMaybee 27th Aug 12
Mo GMaybee Men on A Mission 27th Aug 12
Mordecai GMaybee 19th Sep 11
Mosh GMaybee Headbanger 30th Sep 11
Mr. Kennedy GMaybee 17th Dec 11
Mr. T GMaybee Wrestlemania 2 19th Sep 11
MVP GMaybee 17th Dec 11
Nailz GMaybee 27th Aug 12
New Jack GMaybee 17th Dec 11
Nova GMaybee 17th Dec 11
One Man Gang GMaybee 14th Aug 11
Outback Jack GMaybee 9th Sep 11
  Owen Hart (2) Show
    Creator Attire Added Vid
1 Wurms Black/Pink 29th May 11
2 GMaybee 17th Dec 11
Papa Shango buddyboy101 WWF Black 1992 9th May 11
Paul Orndorff The Baron Mr Wonderful 1984 9th May 11
Phineas Godwinn GMaybee The Godwinns 27th Aug 12
Pierre Carl Ouelette GMaybee 14th Aug 11
Primo GMaybee 27th Aug 12
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