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WWE All Stars

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WWE All Stars CAWs

  Name ↓ Creator Attire Added ↓ Vid
Guile GMaybee Street Fighter 17th Dec 11
Haku GMaybee Islanders 14th Aug 11
Hardcore Holly Wurms Blue/Pink 29th May 11
Harley Race GMaybee King 9th Sep 11
Hayabusa GMaybee 19th Sep 11
Heidenreich GMaybee 17th Dec 11
Henry O'Godwinn GMaybee The Godwinns 27th Aug 12
Hercules GMaybee 19th Sep 11
Hernandez GMaybee 27th Aug 12
Hillbilly Jim GMaybee 19th Sep 11
Hugh Morrus GMaybee 17th Dec 11
  Hunico (2) Show
    Creator Attire Added Vid
1 GMaybee 19th Sep 11
2 GMaybee Unmasked 17th Dec 11
Hunter Hearst Helmsley GMaybee 10th Oct 11
I.R.S GMaybee 17th Dec 11
Iron Sheik GMaybee 14th Aug 11
Isaac Yankem GMaybee 27th Aug 12
Ivan Putski GMaybee 9th Sep 11
Jack Evans II-iTz-CoLdBlOoD Blue 10th Jul 11
Jacques Rougeau GMaybee Fabulous Rougeaus 14th Aug 11
James Storm GameRunnerGreen Gold 2nd Jun 11
  Jeff Hardy (5) Show
    Creator Attire Added Vid
1 ORTAK 9th May 11
2 The Baron Black Top + Facepaint TNA 9th May 11
3 RiZ Black & Red TNA 9th May 11
4 Rey61 TNA Red 24th Jul 11
5 VivekPremGamers 24th Mar 12
  Jeff Jarrett (2) Show
    Creator Attire Added Vid
1 GMaybee Older 17th Dec 11
2 GMaybee Younger 17th Dec 11
Jesse Neal GMaybee Ink Inc. 27th Aug 12
Jesse Ventura roost3r WWF 1981 9th May 11
Jey Uso VivekPremGamers 18th Nov 11
Jim Brunzell GMaybee Killer Bees 14th Aug 11
  Jim Duggan (2) Show
    Creator Attire Added Vid
1 Shiftygism WWF Blue Trunks Hacksaw 9th May 11
2 GMaybee Hacksaw 17th Dec 11
Jimmy Garvin GMaybee Gorgeous Fabulous Freebirds 27th Aug 12
Jimmy Jacobs GameRunnerGreen AOTF 2nd Jun 11
  Jinder Mahal (3) Show
    Creator Attire Added Vid
1 Smarn 14th Aug 11
2 S32 Normal 10th Oct 11
3 GMaybee 27th Aug 12
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