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WWE All Stars

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WWE All Stars CAWs

  Name ↓ Creator Attire Added ↓ Vid
Amazing Red RIGHTEOUS Old School X Division 4th Jul 11
Kerry Von Erich ZED White/Red '88 4th Jul 11
Zack Ryder Long Island Iced Z 18th Jun 11
Shark Boy VivekPremGamers Blue 13th Jun 11
Yokozuna VivekPremGamers 9th Jun 11
Umaga LeOpOl Black 9th Jun 11
Mark Henry VivekPremGamers Current Black 9th Jun 11
Sin Cara LeOpOl Debut 9th Jun 11
Chris Jericho KartikKannan CodeBreaker & 2011 2nd Jun 11
Cactus Jack Julzeote Leopard Pants/Boots 2nd Jun 11
Sabu Julzeote Classic Blue 2nd Jun 11
Shane McMahon GameRunnerGreen Jersey 2nd Jun 11
Jimmy Jacobs GameRunnerGreen AOTF 2nd Jun 11
Samoa Joe GameRunnerGreen NOV/MMA 2nd Jun 11
Chris Sabin GameRunnerGreen Black/Red 2nd Jun 11
Alex Shelley GameRunnerGreen Black/Red 2nd Jun 11
Robert Roode GameRunnerGreen Gold 2nd Jun 11
James Storm GameRunnerGreen Gold 2nd Jun 11
Sting GameRunnerGreen TNA 2nd Jun 11
Kharma KartikKannan Current 29th May 11
David Otunga KartikKannan Grey/White/Black 29th May 11
Zack Ryder KartikKannan Various 29th May 11
The Hulk TheReva7x Blue/Purple 29th May 11
Wolverine IKallstars X-Men 29th May 11
Great Muta AfroBandito nWo Japan 29th May 11
Bad News Brown GameRunnerGreen Black 29th May 11
Akeem GameRunnerGreen Yellow/Blue 29th May 11
Hardcore Holly Wurms Blue/Pink 29th May 11
Owen Hart Wurms Black/Pink 29th May 11
El Elegido Sukhjeet AAA Black 16th May 11
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