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Tyson Kidd

Date added: 13th March 2013
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Outside Dives
Sprinboard Dives
Leverage Pin
Hammer Throw

Standard Actions
Rolling Ring In
Slide Ring Out

Apron Ring-In/Out
Jumping Ring In 3
Jumping Ring Out

Apron Ringside-In/Out
Normal On The Apron
Normal Apron Out

Experience 2
Slamma 2
Christian 2
Powerful 3

Standing Strike Attacks
Woman’s Elbow Smash
Spin Kick 3
Cena Punch 3
Spinning Back Kick
Dropkick 10

Strike Combination
Left Middle Kick
Low Kick 2
Back Spin Kick (reversed)

Strong Strikes
Rolling Savate 3
Back Kick 3

Kick Reversal
Spin Kick Reversal
Sweep Reversal Reversal
Boston Crab
Sleeper Hold 2
Mule Kick Reversal 1

Leverage Pin
Small Package Hold

Chain Grapple
Front Facelock
Elbow Smash 1
Sleeper Hold 1
Suplex 5
Frankensteiner 1
Pendulum Backbreaker
Snapmare & Soccerball Kick
Snapmare & Dropkick
Back Elbow

Side Headlock
Knee To Head
Snapmare & Chin Lock
Snap Suplex
Side Headlock Takedown
Snapmare & Big Boot
Undertaker Knee Stikre

Wrist Lock
Middle Kick 1
Snapmare & Butterfly Lock
Russian Leg Sweep 2
Gutbuster 1
Armbar 1
Back Side Slam 2
Suplex 1

Waist Lock
Forearm Smash 1
Cobra Clutch
Back Suplex 1
Russian Leg Sweep 1
Back Side Slam 1
Back Suplex 2
Back Suplex 3
Spin Headlock Elbow Drop

Groggy Grapple
Pumphandle Guybuster
Northern Lights Suplex 2
The Code Blue (for old times sake)
Brain Buster
Running Kick
Float Over Neckbreaker

Groggy Grapple From Behind:
German Suplex 1
Saito Suplex
Tiger Suplex
Back Suplex 2
Russian Leg Sweep 1
Chop Block 2

Breaking Point Submission
Armbar 4
Cobra Clutch

Ground Strike Attacks
Wrestling Hero Stomp
King Stomp

Grapple Moves Facing Up
Soccerball Kick 1
Mysterio Middle Kick
Foot DDT

Grapple Moves Facing Down
Low Dropkick 1
Hammer & Chin Lock
Camel Clutch 1

Limb Target
Running Neck Twist
Leg Stomps

Submission Grapple
Dragon Sleeper
Camel Clutch 2

Corner Strike Attacks
Corner Groggy
Middle Kick 3
Shoulder Thrust
Monkey Flip 1
Front Dropkick 2
Stomping 3
Turnbuckle Dropkick 2

Top Rope
Jumping Back Kick
Dropkick 5

Tree Of Woe
Middle Kick 2
Running Body Attack

Grapple Moves
Arm Drag 5
Springboard Sunset Flip
Shodler Block 5

Grapple From Behind
Lucha DDT
Toss Into Ring Post
Head Slam

Top Rope Grapple
Super Hurricanrana
Arm Drag 8

Top Rope Grapple Behind
Super Back Suplex
Neckbreaker 11
Neckbreaker 11

Seated Corner Grapple
Face Wash

Tree Of Woe Grapple
Stomping 2

Corner Springboard
Body Splash 2

Running Top Rope Grapple
Rope Grip High Kick

Rope Groggy Against Ropes
Running Cross Body 2

Springboard Attacks
Springboard Body Splash 1

Outside Springboard Attacks
Vaulting Body Press 2

Out Of Ring Dive Attack (Run)
Rope Flip 2

Running Springboard:
Springboard Dropkick 1

Apron Strike Attacks
Kick To Ring
Kick To Ringside
Apron Clothesline 2

Springboard Attacks
Springboard Elbow 2
Moonsault Attack 3

Apron Guillotine Drop
Dropkick 4
Apron Shoulder Block
Pull Down 1
Pull Down 2

Apron Stomp
Apron Elbow Attack

Apron Hurricanrana
Running Knee Strike 2

Diving Attack Vs. Standing Opp
Missile Dropkick 2
Over Castle

Diving Attack Vs. Downed Opp
Diving Moonsault 2
Diving Elbow Drop 1

Running Strikes
Calf Kick
Step Up Enzuigri 3

Arm Drag 6
Float Over Neckbreaker
Neckbreaker 7

Grapple From Behind
Saito Suplex
German Suplex 4
Russian Leg Sweep 1

Ground Strikes
Double Axe Handle 4

Irish Whip Rebound
Super Kick 3
Arm Drag 3
Snap Powerslam
Arm Drag 3
Knee Strike Reversal
Ducking or Leapfrog

Pull Back Attacks
Pull Back Kitchen Sink
Pull Back Hip Toss
Pull Back Hip Toss

Special Moves

Wake Up Taunt
Superstar 2

Signature Moves
The Code Blue
Reverse Neckbreaker

Finishing Moves
The Hart Lock
Over Castle
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