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Jillian Hall
Move by laycoollover

Date added: 7th October 2013
Viewed: 2693 times
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Elbow Smash

Running Lou Thesz Press

Diving Crossbody

Lou Thesz Press to Oncoming Opponent

Snapmare & Shoot Kick to Back

Running Neck Twist (Seated Opp.)

Gut Punch

Flying Forearm Smash to Oncoming Opponent

Head Slam to Turnbuckle

Corner Counter Sunset Flip

Arm Wrench

Side Headlock Takedown

Back Suplex

Cartwheel Elbow Drop

Gut Kick

Scoop Slam

Corner Handspring Back Elbow

Running Spear

Knee Lift to Back

Baseball Slide

Slap to Face

Corner Middle Kick

Dropkick to Back

Corner 10 Count Punches

Corner Monkeyflip

School Boy Pin

Samoan Drop

Headstand Leg Drop

Running Dropkick

Victory Roll Pin

Knife Edge Chop
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