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Candice Michelle
Move by laycoollover

Date added: 7th October 2013
Viewed: 2880 times
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Head Slam to Turnbuckle

Hair Pull Mat Slam

Stomp to Ground Opp.

Mount Position Punches

Candylicious (Hanging Figure Four Necklock)

Midsection Kick to Opponent on all fours

Seated Corner Foot Choke

Double Catapult/Decavitator (w/Victoria)

Knee Lift to Face as Back Body Drop counter

Back Elbow

School Boy Pin

Short Arm Clothesline

Gut Kick

Scoop Slam

Thrust Kick to Gut

Knee Lift to Gut

Running Elbow Drop

Aided Body Splash (w/Victoria)

Knee Lift to Opponent in Corner


Rope Slingshot Knee Strike to Gut of ground opp.

Corner Foot Choke

Corner Middle Kick

Right Middle Kick
Double Leg Bottom Rope Choke

Face Slam to Mat (face-down ground opp.)

Mount Position Choke

Head Smash to Mat (face-up ground opp.)

Double Suplex (w/Victoria)

Double DDT (w/Torrie)

Sugar Rush (Forward Russian Legsweep)

Head Thrown to Big Boot (w/Victoria)

Running Clothesline

Corner Slingshot Splash

Elbow Drop (preceded by Go Daddy Taunt)
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