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Big E Langston
Move by HdCawCreater

Date added: 7th October 2013
Viewed: 4334 times
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Abitlies:Hammer Throw and Ring Escape
Standing Actions:rING oUT:mR.mCMAHON RING IN,sLIDE rING oUT

Ring In/Out:Slide Ring
Taunts:LionBacker 1,Ryback 1,Big Show,Cody Rhodes 4
Strike Attacks:Triple H Punch 3,Orton Kick,Body Blow 2,Undertake Punch3,Cena punch 2
Strike Combination:1.Triple H Punch 3
2.Undertaker Punch 3
Strong Strikes:Double Axe Handle 2,Clothsline 12
Kick Reversal:Clothsline Reversal 3,Take Down Reversal,Single Leg Boston Crab,Abdomimal Stretch,Shove Back reversal

Chain Grapple:
Front Facelock:Knee Strike 2,Snapmare & Chn Lock,Combination Punch,11th Street Slam,Undertaker Knee Strike,Scoop Slam 2,Spinning Double Leg Takedown,Short-arm clothsline
Side Headlock:Knee to head,Snapmare & Butterfly Lock,Military Press Drop,Double Arm Lock Sault,Belly to Belly 1,Two-Handed Choke Toss,Choke Toss Suplex,Short arm Clothsline
Wrist Lock:Elbow Smash 4,Sleeper Hold 1,Spin-out Powerbomb 4,Spinebuster 7,Hip toss 2,Leg Sweep 3,Back Side Slam 2,Short Arm Clothsline
Waist Lock:Elbow Smash 5,Full Nelson,back Suplex 2,Super Atomic Drop 2,back Side Slam 1,Back Suplex 1,German Suplex 4, Russian Leg Sweep

Limb Target:-Chain grapple:
Front Facelock:Hammer Axe Handle,Armlock Scoop Slam,Double Underhook Lock,Knee Breaker,Facecrusher 1,Shoulder Arm breaker,Leg Sweep 3
Side Headlock:Facecrusher 1,Elevated Wrist Lock,Headbutt To Shoulder,Lep Sweep 2
Wrist Lock:Back Suplex 5,Shoulder Arm Breaker,Sit-Out Shoulder Armbreaker,Shin Breaker
Waist Lock:Saito Suplex,Wrist clutch & Elbow,Armlock Scoop Slam,Takedown & Knee Drop

Groogy Grapple:

Groggy Grapple:Fallaway Slam 1,Pushing 2,Backbreaker Drop 2,Powerslam 1,Powerbomb 3,Combination Punch
Groggy grapple from Behind:Full Nelson Slam 3,Elevated Chair Drop,Back Suplex 7,Spin-Out Powerbomb 3,German Suplex 3,Russian Lep Sweep 1
Limb target:Shot-Arm Clothsline,Shoulder Arm Breaker,Armlock Scoop Slam,Knee Breaker,Short-Arm Clothslines 1,Shoulder Arm Breaker,Ler Sweep KneeCrusher

Breaking Point Submissions:BearHug,Full Nelson

Strike Attacks:Undertaker Stomp,Elbow Drop 2
Grapple Moves facing Up:Head Punch 3,Mount Punch 1,Belly Stomp
Grapple Moves facing down:Face Scrub &Elbow Drop,Elbow Drop 11,Knee Slam
Limb target:Ground Punch 1,Armcrusher,Leg Stomps
Submission Grapple:Colossal Clutch,Camel Clutch 2,High Angle Single Leglock


Strike Attacks:
Corner Groggy:Shoulder Block 4,Double Axe Handle 9,ECW Shoulder Thrust,Clothsline 14,Punch to Head,Stomping 1

Top Rope:Punch to head 1,Big Boot 1

Tree of Woe:Punch to gut,Cactus Elbow

Grapple Moves:Shoulder Block 6,Ah Funk It,Ah Funk It

Grapple From Behind:Head Slam,Toss Into Ring Post,Toss Into Ring Post

Top Rope Grapple:Super Powerslam,Superlex,Arm Drag 8

Top Rope Grapple From Behind:Tornado Bomb,Back Superlex

Seated Corner Grapple:Alley Oops 8

Tree Of Woe grapple:Foot Choke 2

Running Top Rope Grapple:Deadly Drive

Rope:Groogy Agianst Ropes:Backbreaker,Decavtator
Groogy Agianst Second Ropes:Leg Brop Gullotine

Strike Attacks:Right Hook,Axe Handle To Ringside

Grapple:Apron Suplex 2,HotShot 1,Apron Hip Toss,Giant Chop,Apron Shoulder Block,Pull Down 1,Pull Down 2,
Ground:Apron Stomp,Apron Choke

Diving Attack vs. Downed Opp.:Double Axe Handle 2,Diving Shoulder Block
Diving Attack vs. Downed Oppenent:Leap of Faith,Diving Body Press

Running Strikes:Clothsline 2,Boxing Dash Punch
Grapple:Pushing 1,Belly To Belly 1,Pushing 1
Grapple From Behind:Full Nelson Slam 2,Back Suplex 2,Russian Leg Sweep 1
Ground Strikes:Double Axe Handle 6
Irish whip Rebound:Shoulder Block 2,11th Street Slam,Back Body Drop 2,Lou Thesz Press 2,none
Pull-Back Attacks:Pull-Back Shoulder Block,Pull-Back Belly To belly,Pull_Back Hip Toss

Special Moves:
Wake Up Taunt:Extrefisher 1

Signatures:Big E BackBreakers
Finshers:The Big Ending (Created
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