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CAW by Shuren

Date added: 22nd November 2012
Viewed: 14293 times
Rating: 7.3/10 (11 votes)

He is naked.I changed the skin colour with a dark blue (X.172 Y.0 shade 104 and brightness 100 ) and changed the underwear with no.4 X.167 Y.0 shade 27).I used mask no.33 (X.166 Y.97 shade 45) and for the "tongue" i used goatee no.17 (X.0 Y.0 shade 250).For the eyes i used a design no.10 and covered with some white circle. Mouth created with paint tool 256x256 pixel and, for the spider, i modified the default spider with paint tool.I deleted all legs and created that type of legs
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