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Lex Luthor
CAW by KamenRiderGumo

Date added: 22nd November 2012
Viewed: 8592 times
Rating: 6.8/10 (6 votes)

My WWE '13 version of Lex Luthor. I'm rather pleased with how this turned out. Originally I was trying to make him look like Michael Rosenbaum (the actor who played the character in the series "Smallville"), but he ended up looking more like the Lex comic books. Attires included are based on "Smallville" episodes and are as follows:

1) Business suit - Lex's standard fare of a black suit coupled with a royal purple dress shirt.

2) Attire based on the clothes Lex wore in the episode where his father Lionel kicked him out and he had moved in with Clark Kent.

3) A sort of cloak-and-dagger outfit for Lex, similar to what he wore when he would slip away from Smallville or Metropolis to search for something/someone, or to visit his 33.1 facilities.

4) The "President Luthor" attire he was seen wearing in the finale.
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