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Iron Man
CAW by Guardian

Date added: 3rd December 2012
Viewed: 10079 times
Rating: 7.0/10 (5 votes)

Fully upgraded (once I worked out how to use logos!!! Lol) MK 3 suit. Really pleased with that. Stupid cameraphone has somehow compressed image to make him look stumpy. He's not.

The Tony attire I like and these two are 100% complete.

The Suitcase Suit and the Mk 2 are, I think, good ideas, but I'm not planning on bringing them up to the MK 3 level (i.e. custom logo designs)... unless I get great ratings here and then I figure I should rework them.

Full moveset and entrance included to be downloaded from PS3. Search tags are: Iron; Marvel and Avengers or me guard1an1970.
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