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WWE '13 CAWs

  Name ↓ Creator Attire Added ↓ DL Only Rating ↓ Vid
Batman Magicgigg 4 x 9th Feb 13
Antonio Cesaro Kamal 2013 3rd Mar 13
Tupac Shakur samistone 4 x 3rd Mar 13
Rey Mysterio xamoney303x Unmasked & Black/Red & Yellow & WCW 3rd Mar 13
Mean Gene Okerlund AssassinNumba1 and KRadiation 7th Oct 13
Jun Kasai Storm of Sand 7th Oct 13
Jaki Numazawa Storm of Sand 7th Oct 13
Gunner Cybruis 4 x 7th Oct 13
Daniel Bryan JabroniCandy 2013 WWE 7th Oct 13
Ashley Nessa Army Print 7th Oct 13
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