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Randy Savage

Date added: 2nd July 2012
Scoop Slam
Jumping Knee Drop
Super Atomic Drop
Running Neckbreaker
Flying Elbow

Diving Elbow Drop 10
Diving Double Axe Handle

Wake Up Taunt (Whit DLC):
-Randy Savage 1,2 or 3

Wake Up Taunt (Whitout DLC)(Select from these according to your preference)
-Booker T 2
-Santino Marella 4
-The Snake
-Edge 4
-Slamma 2
-Slamma 3
-Goldust 1
-Zack Ryder 1
-Randy Orton 2

Signatures (Whit DLC):
-Scoop Slam (Whit Taunt)
-Jumping Knee Drop
-High Knee Smash

Signatures (Whitout DLC):
-Diving Cross Body 1
-Sitout Piledriver
-Scoop Slam & Dropkick
-Elevated Knee Drop
-Double Axe Handle Combo
-Atomic Drop

Finishers (Whit DLC):
-Diving Elbow Drop 10
-Diving Double Axe Handle (Whit Taunt)

Finishers (Whitout DLC):
-Macho Elbow Drop (CAF)
-Diving Double Axe Handle (Whit Taunt CAF)
-Diving Double Axe Handle (No Taunt , no CAF)
-Diving Elbow Drop 6

Macho Elbow (CAF)
1st: Taunt 16 (100%)
2nd: Take off 03 (100%)
3rd: Dive 01 (Trajectory Under A of Trajectory)
4th: Decent 20 (Trajectory Under R of Trajectory)
5th: Finish 02 (100%)

Diving Double Axe Handle (CAF)
1.Taunt 16
2.Take Off 28
3.Dive 34
4.Descent 29
5.Finish 38
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