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Lord Tensai

Date added: 20th May 2012
Wake Up Taunt:
Kamikaze or Booker T 1

Brogue Kick or Slingshot Body Press
Giant Swing or Poison Mist

G-Drop (closely resembles his claw drop move)
Bernard Bomb (CAF) or Running Senton
Lord Tensai Bomb (CAF)

Bernard Bomb Formula:
1.Powerbomb Clutch 01
2.Powerbomb Lift
3.Spiral Bomb Lift
4.Spiral Bomb Impact

Lord Tensai Bomb (Whit or Whitout asian mist)
1.Poison Fog
2.Two Handed Chokeslam Clutch 01
3.Two Handed Chokeslam Drop
4.Powerbomb Impact 01

1.Two Handed Chokeslam Clutch 01
2.Two Handed Chokeslam Drop
3.Powerbomb Impact 01

Other Special moves base in Powerbomb, Two Handed Chokeslam,Boots or Chokeslam
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