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Brodus Clay

Date added: 5th October 2012
Slingshot Body Press
Exploder Suplex 3
Clothesline 11
G-Grip(dlc)or Running splash
T-Bone Suplex 3
Capture Suplex or Exploder Suplex 3 or T-Bone Suplex 3
Slingshot Body Splash
Body Splash 3
Hip Attack 1
Running Cross Body 2/3?

G-Grip (DLC)
Running Cross Body 1
Running Body Splash
Down Body Splash (Do it after the T-Bone Suplex)
G-Grip (CAF)

G-Grip Formula:
1.Chokeslam Clutch 01
2.Neckbreaker Clutch
3.Neckbreaker Impact
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