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CAW by SolidTheSoldier

Date added: 11th February 2012
Start with Template 1

Texture and color
Texture: 1
Skin Color: 3
Shine: -40

Age: Default

Hair: #48
Color X:0 Y:255 Shade:0


Type: #10
Color 1: Default Red
Color 2: Default Black

Eyebrows: Default

Eyelashes: Default

Teeth: Default

**Face Shape is just default, im not lazy though lol**

Facial Hair

Combinations # 1
Color: Default Black

Height 6'10

Size # 2

Shape: Default


Arms & Wrists
# 12
Color: Black

Wrestling tights # 14
Color Black

Tights Designs:

Color: Red

Belt # 17

Color 1
x:0 Y:0 Shade 255
Color 2
X:0 Y:255 Shade 230

Boots #1
Color: Black

Menu Screen Pose # 13


1: Hammer Throw
2: Resiliency
3: Comeback
4: Ring Escape
5: *Nothing*


Strike Power: 100
Grapple Power: 100
Submission: 70
Strike Defense: 80
Grapple Defense: 80
Speed: 70
Agility: 70
Adrenaline: 75
Recovery: 75
Durability: 100
Charisma: 70
Tag Team: 70

Roster Application Form:
*Just Put All Names as Azreal*
Hometown: The Other Side Of Darkenss
Crowd Reaction: You Choose
Show: You choose


No Pyro All Lighting as #26

Intro: Rey Mysterio

Stage: Undertaker (No props)

Ramp: Undertaker (Still no props)

Ring In: Kane

Ring: Drew McIntytre

Champion Entrance: Randy Orton (Champion)

Multi Title: Randy Orton

Movie: None (Or Make a custom one)

Music: Killswitch Engage - My Curse (Without Soft intro)
Or choose your own music

Moveset (Copy Kane's)
Special Moves
Comeback: Orton
Wakeup Taunt: Superstar 1
Signatures: Chokeslam 3 & Back Suplex Side Slam
Finishers: Jacknife (Or any other powerbomb) and Chokeslam 4

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