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WWE '12 Entrances

Name ↓ Creator Attire Added ↓ Easy Vid
Jeff Hardy Bleepinyou 2nd Jul 12
Shawn Michaels tanner5819dxhbk 2nd Jul 12
Ted DiBiase TheShowOff 2nd Jul 12
Chris Benoit dortch22 2nd Jul 12
Super Crazy ECW_on_UTube 21st Jun 12
Jeff Hardy Heel Hardy Heel 17th Jun 12
Lord Tensai SmileyWWE 12th Jun 12
Jake Roberts SmileyWWE 9th Jun 12
Hornswoggle Bleepinyou 9th Jun 12
Hunico D man 9th Jun 12
Chris Jericho DrakeRoan 2012 5th Jun 12
The Big Show WWE Freak Heel 5th Jun 12
The Ultimate Warrior SmileyWWE 5th Jun 12
Chris Jericho zizocmpunk77 1st Jun 12
Chris Jericho The Unknown 1st Jun 12
Brock Lesnar jOSHUAgUEST 26th May 12
Randy Orton SmileyWWE Old 26th May 12
Freddy Krueger Sukhjeetmalhi 20th May 12
Mickie James Lovedadivas 20th May 12
Randy Orton SmileyWWE Old 20th May 12
Hulk Hogan Y2Jericho Hulk Rules 13th May 12
Chyna KurisuKaname 13th May 12
Lita Smacktalks 6th May 12
Mankind themizalike 6th May 12
Brodus Clay SmileyWWE 2 Skin Colour 1st May 12
Shawn Michaels ADEL 27th Apr 12
James Storm MST3Claye 22nd Apr 12
Shawn Michaels Leesmithbob 21st Apr 12
Jeff Hardy Leesmithbob 21st Apr 12
Shawn Michaels LATA 21st Apr 12
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