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WWE '12 Cafs

Name ↓ Creator Added ↓ Vid
WWE Power Strike LATA 9th Jan 12
Shooting Star Headbutt (Brock Lesnar Botch) [TOP R Ishan Champ 30th Dec 11
Super Dream Street Ishan Champ 30th Dec 11
Super Styles Clash Ishan Champ 30th Dec 11
Super Stunner javito26 30th Dec 11
Ax Neckbreaker bilic07 30th Dec 11
Kane Powerbomb bilic07 30th Dec 11
Liger Bomb W/poison Mist bilic07 30th Dec 11
Chaos Theory Tristan Wassman 30th Dec 11
Randy Orton Combination Nicolewwez 28th Dec 11
Extreme Streamroller Aman 28th Dec 11
Ultimate Impaler Aman 28th Dec 11
Flying Rough Ryder Aman 28th Dec 11
Pepsi Plunge pizzaguy 24th Dec 11
Steiner Screwdriver pizzaguy 24th Dec 11
Scorpion Mortal Kombat Finisher hardcoreortonfan 24th Dec 11
X-Factor WARxSEPS 24th Dec 11
Bella Twins laycoollover 24th Dec 11
Enziguri Attitude Adjustment Aman 24th Dec 11
Super Codebreaker Aman 24th Dec 11
Xtreme Twist Of Fate (Jeff Hardy) hardyministry 24th Dec 11
Divo Droppings JaeMarKarDashn 17th Dec 11
One & Only JaeMarKarDashn 17th Dec 11
Cyborg DDT SupahCaws 17th Dec 11
Codazo De Macho Man (CM Punk) AJESUS2490 17th Dec 11
Super Attitude Adjustment Andy Badwool 17th Dec 11
Off The Top Moonlight Drive DESTROYA 11th Dec 11
Off The Top High Cross DESTROYA 11th Dec 11
Jackknife Powerbomb DESTROYA 11th Dec 11
Off The Top Attitude Adjustment DESTROYA 11th Dec 11
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