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WWE '12 Attributes

Name ↓ Creator Added ↓
Michael Cole Emilix 21st Apr 12
Jerry Lawler Emilix 21st Apr 12
The Great Khali Emilix 21st Apr 12
Primo Emilix 21st Apr 12
Epico Emilix 21st Apr 12
Hornswoggle Emilix 21st Apr 12
Jeff Hardy Emilix 21st Apr 12
Mick Foley Scoot329 14th Apr 12
Goldberg Emilix 14th Apr 12
MVP BrunoBarros 1st Apr 12
Kurt Angle BrunoBarros 1st Apr 12
JTG BrunoBarros 1st Apr 12
The Usos BrunoBarros 1st Apr 12
Dudley Boyz BrunoBarros 1st Apr 12
Savior asmodeus 24th Mar 12
Nikki Bella LOL1000 24th Mar 12
Randy Orton AsterikA 17th Mar 12
Alberto Del Rio AsterikA 17th Mar 12
Sheamus AsterikA 17th Mar 12
Daniel Bryan AsterikA 17th Mar 12
CM Punk ChemicalA 17th Mar 12
Ric Flair Musa.shahzad 17th Mar 12
Chris Jericho BrunoBarros 12th Mar 12
Chris Jericho Ax2fight 3rd Mar 12
Edge ChemicalA 29th Feb 12
Daniel Bryan ChemicalA 29th Feb 12
CM Punk ChemicalA 29th Feb 12
Batista Unknown 24th Feb 12
AJ Lee laycoollover 11th Feb 12
Goldberg Scoot329 4th Feb 12
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