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WWE CAW SAVE T-shirts New Nexus + T-shir
Save by the hogan

Date added: 4th March 2011
30 CAWS added alex riley,new nexus and the corre t-shirts...(it's bad-only 16 layers)
list of caws :
wade barrett-corre t-shirt
heath slater-corre t-shirt
david otunga-new nexus
justin gabriel-corre t-shirt
alberto del rio
chris masters
tyler reks
jeff hardy
aj styles
daniel bryan
eddie guerrero
curt hawkins
alex shelley
chris sabin
alex riley
the great khali
shane mcmahon
brock lesnar
kurt angle
charlie haas
bill goldberg
tommy dreamer
brian kendrick
darren young
michael tarver
husky harris-new nexus
ric flair
michael mcgillicutty-new nexus
skip sheffield

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