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Ultimate Gamesave Demo 3 NTSC
Save by renstimpy1

Date added: 26th November 2011
New CAW List

1.HulK Hogan
2.Alberto Del Rio
3.Jeff Hardy
4.Sin Cara
5.Booker T
6.Mick Foley
7.Scott Hall
8.Kevin Nash
9.Bret Hart
10.Jeff Hardy (TNA)
11.Old Undertaker
14.Freese Moveset Test (a caw made to test My hacked moveset)
15.Gene Orkerland
16.Randy Savage
17.Justin Gabriel
18. Undashing Cody Rhodes
19.X Pac
21.Tommy Dreamer
22.Alex Riley
23.Eddie Gurrero
24.Chris Benoit

There Will Be More In THe Final Gamesave
This Is The 3 Demo

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