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Yury Boyka
Move by eimass

Date added: 12th June 2012
*Standard actions*
deflaut(if you want edit tauts)
-Strike Attacks-
Boxing hook 1
corkscrew calfkick
spin kick 2 (horizontally)
thrust kick
boxin hook 2
-Strike Combinations-
low kick
undertake punch
-Strong strikes-
enzuigiri 2
haymaker 4
-Kick Reversal-
windmill reversal
take down reversal
figure 4 leglock 2
armbar 3
back flip kick reversal
-Chain Grapple-
*Front Facelock*
knee strike 2
anaconda vise 1
step kick
spinning roundhouse kick
exploder suplex
t-bone suplex 2
*Side headlock*
knee to gut
northern lights suplex 2
european uppercut 4
spinning roundhouse kick
front neck lock knee lift
*wrist lock*
middle kick 1
snapmare & chin lock
flying kneel kick 2
russian leg sweep 2
suplex 6
hammer and sickle
*Waist lock*
elbow smash 4
cobra clutch
back suplex 5
chop block 2
back suplexlbow drop
russian leg sweep 1
-Groggy grapple-
*Groggy grapple*
chick kick
boxing hook 3
trouble in paridise 1
high impact uppercut
*Groggy grapple from behind*
cross rhodes
crane kick
bulldog 2
dragon suplex
*Struggle submission*
full nelson
-Strike attacks-
king stomp
angry stomp
-Grapple moves facing up-
boxing ground punch
mysterio middle kick
belly stomp
-Grapple moves facing down-
knee stomp 1
kick to head 2
romero special
-submission grapple-
trinagle hold
anaconda vise 2
-Strike attacks-
*Corner groggy*
punch to head 3
overhand punch 2
moonsault kick
cumping knee 4
punch to head 4
running wash
*Top rope*
jumping back kick
leg lariat 2
*Tree of woe*
middle kick
low dropkick
-Grapple moves-
tornado ddt
emperor hammer
-Grapple moves from behind-
corner bulldog
springboard bulldog
-Top rope grapple-
rope hung jawbreaker
-top rome grapple behind-
tornado bomb
-Seated corner grapple-
turnbuckle dropkick 3
-Tree of woe grapple-
stomping 2
-Exploder Turnbuckle-
rope grip high kick
-Groggy against ropes-
boxing rope body rush
-Strike attacks-
Right hook
Axe handle to ringside
Apron guillotine drop
Hotshot 3
Apron shoulder Block
Cut Down
Apron Low blow
Apron leg drop 1
Apron big boot
Apron clothesline
Running knee strike 2
-Diving attack vs. standing opp.
Diving kick
flying knee attack
-Diving attack vs. downed opp.-
Diving fist drop 1
Swanton bomb
-Running strikes-
Flying wheel kick
high angle uppercut 2
-Grapple from behind-
Zig zag
One-Handed bulldog 1
-Ground strikes-
Elbow drop 4
-Irish whip rebound-
Leg lariat 1
Facebuster 3
Knee strike reversal
-Pull-back attacks-
Pull-back middle kick
Pull-back fireman carry
^Tag team^
^Special moves^
Chick kick
Striking Spear
Step up enzuigiri
Sweet chin music 1
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