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Mason Ryan
Move by The Lord Of Darkness

Date added: 1st May 2012
[R] = Reversed


Hammer Throw


Outlaw Ring In
Slide Ring Out

Normal Ring In 3
Normal Ring In 2

Normal on Apron 1
Normal Apron Out 1

Punjabi 3
Raise Arm 3
Punjabi 3
Raise Arm 3


People's Punch 3
Gut Kick 1
Backhand Chop 1
Discus Clothesline

People's Punch 3
People's Punch 3
Clothesline 1 [R]

Clothesline 9
Big Boot 6

Clothesline Reversal 2
Belly to Belly Reversal
Boston Crab
Snapmare and Butterfly Lock
Shove Back Reversal


-Front Facelock-
Knee Strike 2
Abdominal Stretch
Hammer and Sickle
Undertaker Knee Strike
Suplex 3
Scoop Slam

-Side Headlock-
Knee to Gut
Snapmare and Butterfly Lock
Gutwrench Suplex
Side Headlock Takedown
Suplex 3
Scoop Slam 3

-Wrist Lock-
Elbow Smash 2
Abdominal Stretch
Powerslam 5
Knee Breaker
Suplex 3
Scoop Slam 3

-Waist Lock-
Elbow Smash 4
Full Nelson
Electric Chair Drop
Full Nelson Slam 2
Russian Leg Sweep 1
Back Suplex 4


-Groggy Grapple-
Back Suplex 1
Powerbomb 1
Fallaway Slam
Snapmare and Big Boot

-Groggy From Behind-
Back Suplex 6
Back Suplex Side Slam 1
Full Nelson Slam 2
Backbreaker Drop 6

-Struggle Submission-
Snapmare and Butterfly Lock
Full Nelson


-Strike Attacks-
King Stomp
Elbow Drop 2

-Grapple Moves Facing Up-
Elbow Stomp
Elbow Drop 8
Leg Stomps

-Grapple Moves Facing Down-
Elbow Drop 6
Elbow Drop 11
Knee Slam

-Submission Grapple-
Surfboard Stretch
Camel Clutch 2
Single Leg Boston Crab


-Strikes Attacks-
Punch to Head 3
Double Axe Handle 8
Turnbuckle Clothesline
Clothesline 11
Running Wash

-Top Rope-
Punch to Head 2
Big Boot 1

-Tree of Woe-
Kick to Gut
Low Dropkick

-Grapple Moves-
Batista Shoulderblock
Clothesline 7

-Grapple From Behind-
Rebound Suplex
Toss into Ring Post

-Top Rope Grapple-
Superplex or Super Last Call

-Top Rope Grapple Behind-
Tornado Bomb

-Seated Corner Grapple-
Foot Choke 1

-Tree of Woe Grapple-
Foot Choke 2

-Exploder Turnbuckle-
Rope Grip High Kick


-Groggy Against Ropes-
Top Rope Choke or Decavitator


-Strike Attacks-
Right Jab
Axe Handle

Hotshot 2
Apron Suplex 3
Apron shoulderblock
Cut Down
Pull Down 2

Apron Stomp
Apron Elbow Attack

Apron Clothesline
Running Elbow Strike


-Diving Attack VS Standing-
Diving Double Axe Handle x2

-Diving Attack VS Downed-
Diving Elbow Drop 1 x2


-Running Strikes-
Clothesline 2

Running STO
Neckbreaker 5

-Grapple From Behind-
Chop Block 1
German Suplex 5

-Ground Strikes-
Elbow Drop 4

-Irish Whip Rebound-
Clothesline 5
Sidewalk Slam 2
Powerslam 5
Knee Lift Reversal

-Pull Back Attacks-
Pull Back Clothesline 2
Pull Back Spinebuster


-Standing Tag Team-
Double Neckbreaker
Double DDT
Knife Edge Chop 1
Double Suplex

-Corner Tag Team-
Low Kick 1
Whip Clothesline
Pinioning Body Blow
Double Corner Whip


Big Boot 3
Spear 3

The Book of Ezekiel or Side Effect(House of Pain) - Side Effect would probably be the closest to his move but it's your choice.
Facebuster 1 - I have seen him use this as a finisher before.

-Royal Rumble-
Toe Kick
Shoulder Thrust
Backhand Chop 2
Knee Lift
Oklahoma Slam 2 x2
Clothesline 8 x2

Punch To Head
Powerful Punch
Elbow Smash
Pushing Down Side
Rock Bottom

Pushing Down
Oklahoma Slam
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