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Justin Gabriel

Date added: 17th June 2012
Ring in/out: Slide Ring in 2, Quick Ring Out Apron ring-in/out: Jumping Ring in 2, Jumping ring out Apron ringside-in/out Normal on the Apron 1, Normal Apron out 1 Taunts: Back Flip/ Primo 1, Cody Rhodes 1, RVD 1, William Regal. Strike Attacks: Low Kick 1, Dropkick 1, Sweep, Spin Kick 3, Elbow Smash ®. Strike Combination: Left Middle Kick, Left Middle Kick ®, Spin Kick 3 Strong Strikes: Rolling Elbow 2/Enzuigiri 2, Rolling Savate/Dropkick 6 or 7. Kick Reversal: Spin Kick Reversal, Sweep Reversal, Single Leg Boston Crab, Armbar 4, Enzuigiri Reversal. Chain Grapple: Front Facelock: Elbow Smash 1, Abdominal Stretch, Suplex 1, Running Dropkick, Snap Suplex, Arm Twist Leg-Lariat. Side Headlock: Knee to head, Armbar 4, Flying Kneel Kick, Step Kick, Hurricanrana 1, Sitout Jawbreaker. Wrist Lock: Middle Kick, Snapmare & Butterfly Lock, Wrist Clutch & Elbow, Arm Drag 1, Armbar 1, Drop Toe Facecrusher. Waist Lock: Dropkick, Cobra Clutch, Atomic Drop, Flashback, Back Suplex 5, Russian Legsweep. Groggy Grapple: Spinning Roundhouse Kick/ Double Wrist Suplex Pin, Flat Liner, Super Kick, Russian Legsweep 2. Groggy Grapple From Behind: Spin Headlock Elbow Drop, Tiger Suplex, Hurricanrana DDT. Saito Suplex. Struggle Submission: Armbar 4, Cobra Clutch. Ground: Strikes: Wrestling Hero Stomp, Knee Drop/ Jumping Elbow Drop. Grapple: Soccerball Kick, Shooting Star Splash, Leg Breaker, Low Dropkick, Hammer & Chin Lock, Knee Slam. Submission Grapple: Triangle Hold, Camel Clutch, Heel Hold.
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