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David Otunga
Move by kauanbarrett

Date added: 14th October 2012
tions default \ RING-IN / OUT IN: Slide Ring in a OUT: Quick Ring Out-ring-IN / OUT for the ring: Normal Ring-In 2 ON the Apron: Normal Ring-Out 2 APRON Ringside-IN / OUT STEP in apron: Normal on Apron 4 STEP OFF APRON: Normal Apron Out 2 Taunts: Powerful 4 Kung Fu (Alt. CM Punk 3) Super Hero 3 Punjabi 3 (Alt. Chris Jericho 3) STANDING \ STRIKE ATTACKS Punch 3 Body Punch Popular 1 Boxing blow Haymaker 1 ® Elbow Smash 5 ® STRIKE COMBINATION / fists of fury Popular Punch 3 Gut Kick 1 Haymaker 1 ® beats Strong Haymaker 2 Strong Big Boot 6 KICK REVERSAL Clothesline Reversal 2 Take-Down Reversal Ankle Lock 3 Abdominal Stretch Shove-Back-Reversal [CHAIN ​​GRAPPLE] FRONT Facelock Elbow breaks a Snapmare & Chin Lock Scoop Slam 3 European Uppercut 4 Back Elbow Snap Suplex SIDE headlock punch head 1 Snapmare & Butterfly Lock Scoop slam one hand Headlock Takedown European Uppercut 3-Undertaker Knee Strike WRIST LOCK Arm Wrench Armbar 4 Arm Wrench Kick & Punch Fujiwara-Armbar an Eye Rake 2 Wrist Clutch and Elbow WAIST LOCK Waist Forearm Smash-one Cobra Clutch Back Suplex 5 Back Side Slam Electric Chair Drop Shin Breaker [groggy GRAPPLE] GRAPPLE Snapmare groggy & Big Boot Pendulum Backbreaker Powerslam 4 DDT one groggy RESTRAINT FROM BEHIND Chop Block 2 Back Suplex 6 Russian Leg Sweep Backbreaker drop 7 STRUGGLE SUBMISSION Headlock (Sleeper Hold) Full Nelson GROUND \ Strike attacks King Stomp (Hero Stomp Am Angry Stomp or Wrestling) Elbow Drop 2 Grapple moves facing up Outlaw Stomp Kick back 2 Leg Stomps Grapple moves facing down Fujiwara Armbar 2-Soccerball Kick 3 (Alt. Hammer & Chin Lock) Knee Strike SUBMISSION GRAPPLE Surfboard Stretch Camel Clutch 2 Single-Leg Boston Crab CORNER-\ [strike ATTACKS] CORNER punch groggy head 3 Forearm Smash 2 Turnbuckle Clothesline Clothesline 11 Stomping 3 Running top rope knee punch head 2 Big boot 1 None TREE OF WOE Kick Gut Dropkick 9 [grapple moves] Shoulder Blocks Clothesline 7 Batista HOLD FROM BEHIND Snake Eyes Toss top rope into the ring post GRAPPLE The Super-Plex TOP ROPE fight BEHIND Back Super-Plex SEATED CORNER GRAPPLE Foot Choke TREE OF RETENTION one WOE Foot Choke 2 CORNER SPRINGBOARD None Exploder Turnbuckle-Rope Grip Kick High-ROPE \ groggy AGAINST ROPES Flapjack two attacks springboard springboard attacks None None OUT OF RING DIVE ATTACK (RUN) None APRON \ STRIKE ATTACKS Right Jab Axe-handle to Ringside SPRINGBOARD ATTACKS None None GRAPPLE Apron Hotshot 2 Apron Suplex 3 Apron Block shoulder apron an apron Pull Down Pull Down 2 GROUND Apron Stomp Apron Elbow Attack RUNNING Apron Clothesline Apron Running Elbow Strike DIVING \ DIVING ATTACK VS. STANDING OPPONENT double ax handle 2 Shoulder Block Diving Attack VS diving. Slaughtered OPPONENT Diving Elbow Drop 1 Body Splash 3 running \ RUNNING STRIKES Clothesline 3 Grapples Lou Thesz Press 1 Neckbreaker 5 HOLD FROM BEHIND Chop Block 1 One-Handed Bulldog 2 GROUND STRIKES Elbow Drop 4 IRISH WHIP REBOUND DLC Running Back Elbow (Non - DLC / Alt:. Elbow Attack 1 or Shoulder Block 2/3) Back Body Drop a snap powerslam Lift Reversal Ducking knee pull-back ATTACKS Pull-Back Elbow (Alt. PB Knee Strike) Pull-Back Drop Toe Hold-TAG TEAM \ STANDING Tag Team Double Enzuigiri (any Kick-Move with Punk) Tag Punch Double Suplex Knife Edge Chop one CORNER Tag Team Diving Axe Handle 2 Low Kick 1 Drop Toe & Elbow Drop / Double Back Elbow immobilizing body blow FINISHERS The New Tag Team [N] EXUS: CM Punk -> Chin Lock & Kenka Kick The New [N] EXUS: Michael McGillicutty -> Whip Clothesline or Atomic Drop & Big Boot The New [N] EXUS: Mason Ryan -> Whip Clothesline The New [N] EXUS: Husky Harris -> Whip Clothesline special moves \ SIGNATURE MOVES DLC Running Back Elbow (Non-DLC: Big Boot 3) DLC Running Powerslam (Non-DLC: Powerslam 1) the verdict finishing moves (Spinebuster 5 ) One-Handed Spinebuster 2 CREATED finishing moves CAF FORMULAS None None None None Royal Rumble Royal Rumble QUICK GRAPPLE RR Knee Lift RR Body Punch 2 RR European Uppercut (REP: Elbow Smash 6) RR Toe Kick Royal Rumble finishing moves RR Oklahoma Slam 2 RR Verdict 1 (Chokeslam 5) RR Clothesline 8 RR Verdict 2 (Chokeslam 6) LADDER LADDER STRIKE ATTACK Ladder Punch-headed Ladder-Powerful Punch LADDER GRAPPLE Ladder-Smash To Ladder a ladder, pushing down the side finishing moves LADDER Verdict Ladder-Chokeslam (or Rock Bottom) Ladder-Suplex CELL finishing moves mobile Verdict (Chokeslam) Cell-Snap Suplex (Alt. Oklahoma Slam) COMBINATIONS \ Drop three Elbows in a row. Make Scoop slam 3, followed by the slower Scoop Slam 1. When All new [N] Exus States are in the ring, then lift the arm, while the others do the same (works if you play with friends or so). MARK OPERATIONS \ The Verdict Back Elbow Attack Powerslam
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