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Sin Cara T-Shirt
CAW by BrunoBarros

Date added: 6th April 2012
1.Tops: 1/50 (-13,-100,-82)
2.Logo: 142/149 biggest horizontal and vertical (-11,11,9,100)
3.Logo: 103/149 rotate 1x, biggest horizontal and 2nd smallest vertical (72,53,25,100)
4 and 5.Logo: 148/149 2nd smallest vertical and horizontal (72,53,25,100)
6 and 7.Logo: 143/149 2nd smallest horizontal and smallest vertical (-18,-100,-100)
8.Logo: 103/149 2nd smallest horizontal and vertical (white)
9,10 and 11.Logo: 95/149 smallest vertical and biggest horizontal (-6,11,0,100) (to divide the white logo)
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