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Sin Cara
CAW by codemedina777

Date added: 17th June 2012
Skin: Texture/Color:1
Color 5 on the Top
Superstar Hair: 13
Eyes, Teeth Leave it how it is
Ears -100,-100,100,-100

Hieght: 5'7"
Neck 0,-15,-5
Chest 0,-15,-10,0
Traps -20,0,0
Shoulders -10,0,-15
Abdomen 0,-15,-5
Waist 0,0
Arms 0,-15,-15,-15,-15
Hands 0,0,0
Legs 0,-15,-15,-15,-15
Feet 0,0,0
Panit tool logos
Blue Attire:
1st put Mask 21 Color 143,23,255
Than add Mask 17 same color
Arms/Wrist 22 1st 143,23,215 2nd color 32,69,255
Add Arms/Wrist 12 1st color 143,23,215 2nd color 32,69,255
Wrestling Tights 143,31,255
Add 2 designs of #105 put it around the waist
Boots:1 32,69,255
Entance Attire:
Add a Jacket 27 or 35 color 32,69,255
Cinamatic Attire: ring or entrance
Menu Screen Pose 17

RED Attire:
Panit tool logos
all the same but in red:0,0,200
boots and shoes 2 first one

Name Sin Cara
Nickname Sin Cara
Audio Name The Prince
Abbreviated Sin Cara
Croud Reaction Cheer
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