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CAW by cool_of_cools

Date added: 15th August 2012
'This is not WWE superstar, is one created by me'
Template : 1.
Head : Hair : 68/71 brown.
face :
Eyes: Eye Type: 1/9 black.
Tabs: 1/15 black.
Eyebrows: 2/39 Brown.
Mouth: Lips: 2/17.
Teeth: 1/14.
Skin: Texture and Color: 1/12.
Face: all zero.
Facial Hair: Templates: 18/27 (90.0, -19.43).
Piercings: 20/20 black (right ear).
Height: 160 cm.
Complexion: Form: all zero.
Definition: 1/9.
Body Hair: Chest: 1/6 brown.
Top: Body Accessories: 23/27 black.
Wearing arms: Elbow: 1/10 black.
Wearing arms: Arms: 15/21 black.
Underwear: 9/9 target.
Bottom: 28/42, style: length, design: 13/61, color: blue (the 8th color).
Belts: 1/20 black.
Shoes: 21/37 Blue (8th color).
Clothing entry:
Superior: Superior: 50/50 Blue (8th color)

Registration to the roster:
Name: Matthew
Nickname: The King
Pocicion nickname: Prefix
Short name: Matthew
Introduction of Presenter: The King
From: Fresno, California
Weight Category: Heavyweight (101).
Audience reaction: Good
Brand: RAW

It would be great if I could have one vote grasias all.
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