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Brock Lesnar
CAW by Kingrecession

Date added: 6th May 2012
fore head:-100,-100,85,-44


skin age: 35

body type: 17


2.)texture/colour:8 (90,0,4)
3.)eyes:1, default style, (13,0,-13)
4.)eyelashes:1 (85,0,0)
5.)eyebrows:13 (89,3,30)
6.)lips:15 (94,12,-3)
7.)teeth: default
8.)hair:47 (82,0,0)
9.)trunks/underwear:4/9,default style (-41,100,-80)
10.)face paint:53/89 (100,41,-5,25)
11.)marks/scars:1/23 (96,8,-4,50)
12.)shoes:20/37 (-38,-100,-65)
13.)tattoo back:2/24,default style (82,-5,-35,20)
14.)tattoo back:1/24 default style (90,-100,-30,20)

For horizontal and vertical expansion I have given short-cut like smallest, smaller, larger, largest. using your direction up, down, left, right, adjust to bring the sizes I have given here.

15.)right arm logo:
type:113/149 (92,4,-24,30)
horizontal: smaller
vertical: smaller
16.)left arm WWE logo:(to get this logo, first keep an elbow pad and later after fixing please delete the elbow pads)
type:12/68 (100,-100,-75,30)
rotate: once
horizontal: smaller
vertical: smaller
17.)back WWE logo: (to get this logo, first keep a top and later after fixing please delete the tops) (and until u complete the back tattoo design down remove the top)
type:44/68 (85,41,-54,20)
rotate: twice
vertical: largest
horizontal: largest
place this tattoo little lower near the hip to make the tattoo design larger
18.)back logo:
type: 116/146 (89,30,-23,20)
vertical: largest
horizontal: largest
place this black butterfly tattoo in centre of the back tattoo design
19.)back logo:
type:128/149 (90,-48,-53,20)
vertical: smaller
horizontal: smallest
place this logo in the left side of the butterfly wings
20.)do the same as above on the right side of the butterfly wings with same values
21.)back logo:
type:93/149 (94-46,37,85)
vertical: largest
horizontal: largest
place this over the centre to show an illusion of a free space in the centre.
22.)back WWE logo:
type: 60/68 (-40,30,-100,20)
vertical: smallest
horizontal: smallest
imagine the tattoo is a face and place it in the area of the chin to make it look so sharp.
23.)back logo:
type:48/149 (91,-50,-23,40)
vertical: largest
horizontal: largest
place it over the centre where u find the free space. lower it little.

now delete the top if you have kept before you designed the back tattoo design, both in wrestling attire and entrance attire.

24.)torso logo:
type:85/149 (-19,-100,-27,-20)
vertical: largest
horizontal: smallest
place at the centre of the chest
25.)torso logo:
type:85/149 (-19,-100,-27,-20)
rotate: once
vertical: smallest
horizontal: smaller
place this below the chest bend.
type:12/16 (-13,-100,-60)
first colour: (-100,100,15)
second colour: (81,-100,-100)
28.)bottom WWE logos: Left leg
type:2/68 (100,0,0,100)
horizontal: largest
vertical: smaller
place it above the left knee over the short pants
29.)trunks/underwear WWE logos:
type:40/68 (99,-100,0,100)
horizontal: larger
place it over the left side of the waist
30.)bottom WWE logos: right leg
type:67/68 (default colour)
horizontal: smaller
vertical: smallest
place it above the right knee over the short pants
31.)bottom WWE logos: right leg
type:20/68 (red colour)
horizontal: smaller
vertical: smaller
place it back side parallel to the bottom logo 30.
32.)trunks/underwear WWE logo:
type:19/68 (100,23,3,100)
horizontal: largest
vertical: largest
place it on the right side of the waist as like you placed trunks/underwear logo 29.

Crowd Signs: your choice
Name: Brock Lesnar
Nick name: Here Comes The Pain
Placement: prefix
Abbreviated Name: Lesnar
Announcer intro: Lassiter
Home Town: Miami,Florida
weight class: 140Kg
Crowd Reaction: Cheer
Show: RAW
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