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AJ Styles
CAW by ChalgakillerBG

Date added: 20th January 2011
Head Shape:
Head: 5/5/0

Face Shape:
Eyebrows: -100/-10/54/-95
Eyes: -5/-10/42/-9/-25/-50/-58
Nose: -28/-37/50/23/21/-19/9/-38
Cheeks: 7/4/2/0
Mouth: 100/-10/-100/-18/-21/22/-41
Jaw: 4/1/1/1/0/1
Ears: 15/16/15/31
Skin Age: Whatever you want

Body Shape:
Neck: 8/13/10
Chest: -25/8/23
Shoulders: -48/5/5
Abdomen: 3/18/11
Waist: 20/10
Arms: -44/6/5
Hands: 0/0/0
Legs: 15/5/22
Feet: 0/0/0
Height: 180 cm
Body Type: 5

2)Texture/Color: 2/12 (X:91 Y:0)
3)Eye Type 1/9 (X: -5 Y: 17 S:-18)
4)Eyebrows:2/39 (X:88 Y:7 S:7)
5)Eyelashes: 15/15
6)Lips:1/17 (X:96 Y:0 S:0)
8)Hair:1/71 (X:92 Y:10 S:-30)
9)Body Hair: 2/6 (X:88 Y:0 S:23 T:81)
10)Trunks/Underwear:Doesn't matter
11)Face Paint:67/89 (X:93 Y:55 S:90 T:33)

12)Clothing>Lower Body>Wrestling Tights 1/17 (X:-24 Y:0 S:-40 T:100 L:100)

13)Clothing>Upper Body>Armwear>Arms/Wrists:15/21
(X:-100 Y:-100 S:-100 T:100)

14)Armwear>Elbows 4/10 (X and Y doesn't matter S:100)
15)Clothing>Lower Body>Footwear>Boots:30/37 1st Color: (X:-23 Y:-100 S:-5; 2nd Color: (X:-35 Y:-100 S:10)
16)Body Accesories>23/27
17)Head>Face>Skin>Marks/Scars 1/23 (X:90 Y:10 S:0 T:100)
18)Jackets:21/26 Style:Hooded (X:-25 Y:100 S:31)
When you make the jacket delete it from Edit Layers, so it is only in the entrance attire.
If you want you can add Tight Designs, but i haven't
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