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SD! vs RAW 2011 Cafs

Name ↓ Creator Added ↓ Vid
G-Grip (Brodus Clay) JohnCena2012 1st May 12
Muscle Buster (Ryback) JohnCena2012 1st May 12
Spiral Bomb Death_Dealer 27th Apr 12
Falling Spiral Bomb Death_Dealer 27th Apr 12
Dragonrana Death_Dealer 27th Apr 12
Downward Spiral (Edge) Death_Dealer 27th Apr 12
Stage Dive (Headbanger Thrasher) Death_Dealer 27th Apr 12
Twist Of Hate Omega Son 2012 27th Apr 12
Chokeslam From Hell matteothecharismaticenigma 27th Apr 12
Money Shot (Money Maker) Death_Dealer 27th Apr 12
Running Wrestling Hero Slam wwekiller 23rd Apr 12
Snap DDT (The Miz) Samuka2001 21st Apr 12
Gorilla Press Powerslam (Goldberg) Death_Dealer 21st Apr 12
Flying Clothesline sai 21st Apr 12
F5 (Brock Lesnar) WWE fanatic 21st Apr 12
Top Rope 619 roger208 14th Apr 12
Attitude F5 (Willie) Brock Cena 14th Apr 12
Pedigree DX (3 Style) Bestintheworld 14th Apr 12
Rock Bottom (The Rock) dsfsfsfggfsh 14th Apr 12
Bret Hart thegametripleh 6th Apr 12
Alex Riley Bestintheworld 6th Apr 12
Ultimate Switch funny mans 6th Apr 12
Triple Rollings Suplex And Gory Bomb (Los Guerrero BrunoBarros 6th Apr 12
Samoan Drop + Suplex + The Rock Bottom BrunoBarros 6th Apr 12
Running G.T.S BrunoBarros 6th Apr 12
Running Attitude Adjustment BrunoBarros 6th Apr 12
Rock Bottom - No Choke BrunoBarros 6th Apr 12
Mizard Of Oz BrunoBarros 6th Apr 12
Last Ride + Tombstone Piledriver Pin BrunoBarros 6th Apr 12
Irish Curse + Double Arm Bomb + Powerbomb + Powers BrunoBarros 6th Apr 12
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