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SD! vs RAW 2011 Cafs

Name ↓ Creator Added ↓ Vid
Jackknife Powerbomb (Kevin Nash) Ulhaq11 14th Oct 12
Great White (Sheamus) Ulhaq11 14th Oct 12
Eternal Rest WWESVR@)!! 25th Sep 12
Wasteland WWESVR@)!! 25th Sep 12
Diving Lie Detector NaMeLesS 25th Sep 12
Gotch-Style Neutralizer (Antonio Cesaro) Crazyloco 25th Sep 12
Wade Barrett New Finisher 2012 lawwevslatna1 25th Sep 12
Wasteland lawwevslatna1 25th Sep 12
Triple Powerbomb vivek12jun 25th Sep 12
The Bottom Line vivek12jun 25th Sep 12
High Drop vivek12jun 25th Sep 12
Backpack Stunner vivek12jun 25th Sep 12
Garrett Bischoff DDT D-Lover 25th Sep 12
Bedtime PedroDXrko 25th Sep 12
Jeff Hardy Finishers SAAD 30 25th Sep 12
Brogue Kick TabicoolEnigma 25th Sep 12
Train Wreck (A-Train) Pepi4a 25th Sep 12
Derailer (A-Train) Pepi4a 25th Sep 12
Bicycle Kick (A-Train) Pepi4a 25th Sep 12
Destroyer (Ryback) cardx.007 15th Sep 12
Wasteland (Wade Barrett) Sal 15th Sep 12
DDT Extreme Twist vivek12jun 15th Sep 12
Wade Barrett New Finisher 2012 lawwevslatna1 15th Sep 12
180 Takedown Adamjr1000 9th Sep 12
Dead End WWESVR@)!! 9th Sep 12
Bridging Dragon Suplex Brock 9th Sep 12
Hyper Combo Stunner SVR DX CAWS 9th Sep 12
Falcon Arrow lawwevslatna1 9th Sep 12
Extreme Twist Of Fate Mr. hardy 9th Sep 12
Final Score (Alex Riley) B.I.T.W. 31st Aug 12
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