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SD! vs RAW 2011 Attributes

Name ↓ Creator Added ↓
The Great Khali 13th Jun 11
Marcello Dias 13th Jun 11
Daniel Everett 13th Jun 11
Finishers Selection Assyria3 29th May 11
Wade Barrett auday 8th May 11
Diesel Noodlefan101 30th Apr 11
Lita JeffHardy375g 29th Apr 11
Hornswoggle louis702 29th Apr 11
Michael Cole LucaS 29th Apr 11
Jeff Hardy PaperMissile74 29th Apr 11
Hulk Hogan coolguy879 29th Apr 11
Jeff Hardy coolguy879 29th Apr 11
Lita JackCarlin irelandxxx 29th Apr 11
Umaga louis702 29th Apr 11
Jeff Hardy Bruno Correa Freitas 29th Apr 11
Mason Ryan Carlosmik 29th Apr 11
Sin Cara Carlosmik 29th Apr 11
Jeff Hardy 1223 22nd Apr 11
Hornswoggle DXFan 72 22nd Apr 11
Hulk Hogan XXT450 18th Apr 11
Mike Sanford VampireRepo2 17th Apr 11
Tommy Dreamer louis702 17th Apr 11
Sin Cara louis702 17th Apr 11
Sin Cara trassieh-thinks-tna-is-better 17th Apr 11
Kratos Danny 10th Apr 11
Jeff Hardy the saytara 9th Apr 11
Vickie Guerrero louis702 9th Apr 11
Arnold Schwarzenegger louis702 9th Apr 11
Jackie Chan louis702 9th Apr 11
The Big Show JeffHardy375 9th Apr 11
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