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SD! vs RAW 2011 Attributes

Name ↓ Creator Added ↓
Brodus Clay trassieh-thinks-tna-is-better 26th Aug 11
Ricochet Christian Horla Landemberguer 26th Aug 11
Daniel Xbox360svr 26th Aug 11
Alex Riley Killashiivz95 14th Aug 11
Alberto Del Rio Killashiivz95 14th Aug 11
Attributes Selection Assyria3 14th Aug 11
Mason Ryan â—‹TheBestCawsâ„¢ 14th Aug 11
Juventud Guerrera John Morrison157 24th Jul 11
Wade Barrett Actolorise 24th Jul 11
Justin Gabriel Actolorise 24th Jul 11
Doink the Clown yomoma 24th Jul 11
Spongebob Square Pants YO MOMA 24th Jul 11
Mr. T The Dakinator 24th Jul 11
Sin Cara RDG-PA_Boy 24th Jul 11
Justin Gabriel jonusb 24th Jul 11
John Cena Unknown 6th Jul 11
The Undertaker Unknown 6th Jul 11
The Rock Unknown 6th Jul 11
Jeff Hardy royce thinks wwe is better 6th Jul 11
Randy Orton alvi10 6th Jul 11
Batista alvi10 6th Jul 11
The Undertaker alvi10 6th Jul 11
Jeff Hardy alvi10 6th Jul 11
Wade Barrett Amal Syed Alikuttan 22nd Jun 11
The Lord Of Darkness GFW 18th Jun 11
Batista 13th Jun 11
John Cena 13th Jun 11
Kane 13th Jun 11
Triple H 13th Jun 11
The Rock 13th Jun 11
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