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SD! vs RAW 2011 Attributes

Name ↓ Creator Added ↓
Kharma BrunoBarros 28th Jan 12
Jim Ross BrunoBarros 28th Jan 12
Vickie Guerrero BrunoBarros 28th Jan 12
The Boogeyman TBW 28th Jan 12
Brazilian Thunder TBW 28th Jan 12
Cody Rhodes cody rhodes2222 14th Jan 12
Jeff Hardy THEHARDLYBOYZ213 14th Jan 12
CM Punk cm punk 14th Jan 12
CM Punk cm punk 9th Jan 12
Heath Slater kaique_iki 9th Jan 12
Thunder Boy jkarpinski 28th Dec 11
Bruno Barros BrunoBarros 24th Dec 11
Ted DiBiase Jr. tiago 17th Dec 11
John Cena PO-RS 2nd Dec 11
Stone Cold PO-RS 2nd Dec 11
The Rock PO-RS 2nd Dec 11
The Undertaker PO-RS 2nd Dec 11
Brock Lesnar Lucifer 18th Nov 11
Brock Lesnar Dominic Mysterio 18th Nov 11
Epico trassieh-thinks-tna-is-better 18th Nov 11
Crimson trassieh-thinks-tna-is-better 18th Nov 11
Mark Henry Nicolewwez 9th Nov 11
Rosa Mendes BrunoBarros 9th Nov 11
Hunico trassieh-thinks-tna-is-better 9th Nov 11
Sin Cara trassieh-thinks-tna-is-better 9th Nov 11
Bruce Lee EliteHawkCAWS 9th Nov 11
Spiderman EliteHawkCAWS 30th Oct 11
Christopher Daniels trassieh-thinks-tna-is-better 23rd Oct 11
Bad Kabuto Brock Smith 23rd Oct 11
Matt Morgan trassieh-thinks-tna-is-better 23rd Oct 11
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