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Mike Quackenbush
Move by The Fanged Freak

Date added: 21st November 2010
Viewed: 2328 times
Rating: 8.3/10 (4 votes)

Outside Dives
Strong Attacks
Pull-Back Attacks
Object Specialist

Slide Ring In
Quick Ring Out

Normal Ring In 1
Jumping Ring Out

Normal on the Apron 3
Normal Apron Out 1

Christian 3
Slamma 3
Christian 3
Slamma 3

Vionic Punch
Dropkick to Knee [SIGNATURE]
Back Chop 1
Uppercut Palm Strike [SIGNATURE]
Enzuigiri 2 [SIGNATURE]

Strong Uppercut [SIGNATURE]
Strong Knife Edge Chop

Reversal Clothesline
Reversal Take Down
Reversal Sweep
Reversal Enzuigiri [SIGNATURE]

Throat Thrust 5 [SIGNATURE]
Arm Drag 1 [SIGNATURE]
Knee Lift 1
Back Chop 3

Back Rake 1
Forearm Smash
Elbow to back of Head

Low Kick 2
Body Punch 2
Knee Lift 2
Back Chop 6

Grapple Knife Edge Chop
Abdominal Stretch [SIGNATURE]
Double Wrist Suplex Pin [SIGNATURE]
Brain Buster [SIGNATURE]

Grapple Knee to the Head
Armbar 4 [SIGNATURE]
Tigerbomb 3 [SIGNATURE]
Armbar 2 [SIGNATURE]
T-Bone Suplex 1 [SIGNATURE]
Super Kick [SIGNATURE]

Grapple Elbow Smash 1
Jawbreaker 2 [SIGNATURE]
Wrestling Hero Chickenwing [SIGNATURE]
Hurricanrana 2 [SIGNATURE]
Small Package [SIGNATURE]

Grapple Frearm Smash 2
Full Nelson
Russian Leg Sweep 2 [SIGNATURE]
Back Suplex 4 [SIGNATURE]Hurricanrana 6
Saving Grace [SIGNATURE]

Wrestling Hero Stomp
Elbow Drop 2
Elbow Drop 2

Foot Stamp 1 [SIGNATURE]
Butterfly Lock [SIGNATURE]
Inverted Figure 4 Leg Lock [SIGNATURE]

Oklahoma Roll Pin 2 [SIGNATURE]
Knee Drop 7
Cloverleaf Pain

Dragon Sleeper [SIGNATURE]
Camel Clutch 3
Single Leg Boston Crab [SIGNATURE]

Triangle Hold
Camel Clutch 3
Cloverleaf [SIGNATURE]

Turnbuckle Clothesline 1
Running Shoulder Attack 1
Turnbuckle Dropkick 2

Super Hurricanrana [SIGNATURE]
Flipping Slam [SIGNATURE]
Super Tiger Bomb [SIGNATURE]
Arm Drag 3 [SIGNATURE]

ECW Low Dropkick [SIGNATURE]
Super Back Suplex
Forearm Smash

Mudhole Stomping 2

Knee Drop 3
Springboard DDT 2 [SIGNATURE]
Vaulting Body Press 3
Rope Flip 1 [SIGNATURE]

Punch to Ring
Axe Handle to Ringside

Springboard Dropkick 3 [SIGNATURE]
Moonsault Attack 3 [SIGNATURE]

Apron Sunset Flip Pin [SIGNATURE]
Apron Suplex to Ring 2
Apron Backbreaker
Apron Pulling Down 1
Apron Pulling Down 2

Apron Leg Drop 1
Apron Elbow Attack

Apron Clothesline
Apron Running Elbow

Diving Clothesline 2
Diving Crossbody Pin 2

Diving Moonsault Pin 3 [SIGNATURE]
Diving Leg Drop 4

Shoulder Block 2
Elbow Attack 2 [SIGNATURE]

Back Rolling [SIGNATURE]

Bulldog 3 [SIGNATURE]
Hurricanrana 6

Elbow Drop 3
Double Axe Handle 4

Dropkick to Knee [SIGNATURE]
Buzzsaw Quick Kick [SIGNATURE]
Tilt a Whirl Side Slam 1 [SIGNATURE]
Reversal Kick

Pull-Back Elbow
Pull-Back Backbreaker [SIGNATURE]

Double Backbreaker
Knife Edge Chop
Double Suplex
Double Enzuigiri

Complete Shot & Facebuster
Hip Toss & Low Kick
Diving Thorw Suplex
Body Blow 2


Fire Thunder
Swanton Bomb 2


Quackendriver III (CAF)
Black Tornado Slam (CAF)

* Quackendriver III

1.- Front Kick to the Groin [100%]
2.- Suplex Clutch 01 [100%]
3.- Shima Driver Lift [100%]
4.- Falcon Arrow Impact [100%]

* Black Tornado Slam

1.- Argentine Clutch 02 [100%]
2.- Vicious Twist Spin [75%]
3.- Vicious Twist Impact [100%]


Codebreaker 2
T-Bone Suplex 6
Clothesline 26
Codebreaker 3
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