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Michael Tarvers
Move by Jahari Harrington

Date added: 14th August 2011
Viewed: 1989 times
Rating: 8.0/10 (1 vote)

abilities: Hammer Throw, PullBack attack, ring escape, srong strike, resilency, move theif

Standard Actions: outlaw ring in, roll down ringout
apron ring - in/out: normal ring in 1, normal ring out 2
apron ringside in/out: outlaw on apron, Normal apron out 2

Taunts: Beat Chest,shad 5,mark henry 1,hold up 1

strike attacks: Snap Jab 2, kick to gut, punch to head, double axe hammer 2, elbow smash

Kick Reversal: clothesline, belly to belly, take down, push it

Quick Grapple: firemans carry 2, undertaker knee strike1, hip toss 5, shoulder thrust 1

Quick Grapple from behind: Back side slam, one handed bulldog 2, knee breaker 2, triple H low kick

RR quick Grapple: Body punch 2, knee lift 2, shoulder thrust 3, Push it

collar & elbow: knee strike, armbar 5, t-bone suplex 1, belly to belly 7, sling side walkslam, suple slam

side headlock: knee to head, underhook lock, samoan drop 6, celtic cross, spinning side slam, russian leg sweep 1

wrist lock: elbow smash, sleeper hold, worlds strongest slam, backbreaker 12, clothesline 17, spinning reverse sto

rear waist lock: elbow smash, full nelson, back suplex neckbreaker, german suplex 5, Cobra clutch backbreaker, argentine backbreaker

Ground strike attacks: undertaker stomp, double axe handle drop, elbow drop 2

grapples facing up: fist drop 3, elbow drop 13, ankle lock 2

grapples facing down: elbow drop 10, double hammer punch, knee smash

submission grapple: dragon sleeper, camel clutch, stf
Same for submission match

Corner strikes: running shoulder strike, turnbukle clothesline 2, turnbuckle dropkick

grapples: diving leg lariat 2, emperor hammer, flipping slam, batista shoulder block

Grapples from behind: double axe handle 5, super tornadobomb, rebound suplex, reverse superplex

sittin corner grapple: Running Face Wash

rope: rope whip scoop slam

apron strikes:hook to ring, axe handle to ringside

grapples: suplex to ringside, hangmans ddt, shoulder block, pulling down, pulling down

Ground: leg drop 1, leg drop 2

running: clothesline, elbow

diving standing: leg lariat 1, flying clotesline 2

diving ground: leg drop 4, fist drop 1

running strikes: clothesline 5, strikingspear

grapples: belly to belly 4, ddt 10

grapples from behind: german suplex 5, throw back 2

ground strikes double axe handle 4, elbow drop 3

irish whip rebound: leg lariat 2, back body drop 2, spinebuster 2, knee attack

pull-back attacks: leg lariat, belly to belly

tag team: any of your choice

Signatures: right hand hook, Spinebuster 7

Finishers: Tarvers lightning, Power of the punch

tarvers lightning: gut kick, backbreaker clutch 1, fall-aeay facebuster bend, suplex impact 2
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