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Kurt Angle
Move by BrunoBarros

Date added: 1st May 2012
Viewed: 3933 times
Rating: 9.0/10 (4 votes)

Moves For NDS

Use Attributes:

D: 8
P: 8
S: 7
S: 6

-Punch to Head
-Shoulder Block

Front Grapple (Weak)
-Backbreaker Drop
-DDT 1
-Hangman's Neckbreaker 1

Front Grapple (Strong)
-Triple Rolling German Suplex
-Gutwrench Suplex
-Double Knee Lift or Repear Triple Rolling German Suplex

Back Grapple (Weak)
-Atomic Drop or Shin Breaker
-Back Suplex Pin 1
-Russian Legsweep

Back Grapple (Strong)
-Eletric Chair Drop
-German Suplex
-Spin-Out Powerbomb or Repeat German Suplex

Down Grapple
-Leg Snap
-Knee Strikes
-Knee Slam 1

Corner Move:
-Snake Eyes
-Back Superplex
-Double Axe Handle
-Elbow Drop 1

-Angle Lock
-Olimpyc Slam
-Hands on Hip
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