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Move by The Fanged Freak

Date added: 21st November 2010
Viewed: 2060 times
Rating: 8.0/10 (4 votes)

Pull-Back Attacks
Strong Attacks
Outside Dives
EXploder Attack
Objects Specialist

Slide Ring In
Ring Out

Jumping Ring In 3
Jumping Ring Out

Normal On The Apron 2
Normal Apron Out 2

Vionic Punch
Big Boot 1 [SIGNATURE]
Back Chop 1
Enzuigiri 2 [SIGNATURE]
Elbow Smash 1 [R]

Strong Knife Edge Chop
Strong Big Boot 2 [SIGNATURE]

Reversal Clothesline
Reversal Take Down
Reversal Leg Lace
Reversal Enzuigiri [SIGNATURE]

Arm Whip
Arm Drag 1
Hip Toss 5
Back Chop 2

Back Rake 1
Forearm Smash
Elbow to Back of Head

Toe Kick 2
Back Chop 6
Dropkick 7
Low Kick 2

Grapple Knife Edge Chop
Abdominal Stretch
Michinoku Driver Pin [SIGNATURE]
Michinoku Driver
DDT 6 [SIGNATURE](His Fisherman Buster)
Swing Neckbreaker 1 [SIGNATURE]

Grapple Knee to the Head
Underhook Lock
Step Kick
Arm Drag 7Hurricanrana 2
Neckbreaker 15

Grapple Middle Kick
Sleeper Hold
Scoop Slam 5
Suplex 9
Back Suplex 9

Grapple Forearm Smash 2
Full Nelson
German Suplex Pin 2 [SIGNATURE]
Back Suplex 5
Backslide Pin 1
Russian Leg Sweep 2

Wreslting Hero Stomp
Dropkick 3
Elbow Drop 2

Running Neck Twist [SIGNATURE]
Kick to Back
Pin With Bridge

Oklahoma Roll Pin 2 [SIGNATURE]
Oklahoma Roll Pin 1 [SIGNATURE]

Dragon Sleeper [SIGNATURE]
Camel Clutch 3
Single Leg Boston Crab

Surfboard Stretch
Camel Clutch 3
Boston Crab

Running Shoulder Attack 1
Shining Wizard 1 [SIGNATURE]
Turnbuckle Dropkick 2

Hurricanrana 9 [SIGNATURE]
Karate Kick 2
Super Power Slam [SIGNATURE](His Iconoclasm)
Cornerflip Armdrag

Rolling Powerbomb
Neckbreaker 11
Super Back Suplex
Lucha DDT

Turnbuckle Dropkick 3

Swing Neckbreaker 3
Springboard DDT 2 [SIGNATURE]
Vaulting Body Press 2
Dive Through Ropes [SIGNATURE]

Punch to Ring
Kick to Ringside
Sprongboard Dropkick 3 [SIGNATURE]
Springboard DDT 4 [SIGNATURE]

Apron Sunset Flip Pin
Apron Hip Toss
Apron Backbreaker
Apron Pulling Down 1
Apron Pulling Down 2

Apron Leg Drop 1
Apron Elbow Attack

Apron Clothesline
Apron Running Elbow

Diving Hurracanrana [SIGNATURE]
Diving Cross Body Pin 2

Diving Moonsault Pin 3 [SIGNATURE]
Diving Foot Stamp 2

Running Hurricanrana [SIGNATURE]
Jumping Knee Attack 1 [SIGNATURE]

Jumping Snapmare [SIGNATURE]
Hurricanrana 11 [SIGNATURE]


Elbow Drop 3
Senton 1 [SIGNATURE]

Big Boot 4 [SIGNATURE]
Arm Drag 8
Modified Schoolboy Pin [SIGNATURE]
Reversal Kick
Leapfrog [SIGNATURE]

Pull-Back Elbow
Pull-Back Side Slam [SIGNATURE]


G.T.S. 1 (His Go 2 Sleepy Hollow)
Spinebuster 6 (His Rydeen Bomb)

NOTE: G.T.S. 1 is the only move in the game that really looks like his Go 2 Sleepy Hollow.


Spinebuster 7 (His Graveyard Smash)
Moonsault Double Stomp (CAF)

NOTE: Spinebuster 7 is the only move that really looks like Hallowicked's Finisher.

* Moonsault Double Stomp

1.- Taunt 16 [100%]
2.- ¿? Number 8 [125%]
3.- ¿? Number 13 [Move to LEFT. and then 1 click to the RIGHT)
4.- ¿? Number 40 [Move to LEFT, then 1 click to the RIGHT)
5.- Final 27 [75%]


Hurricanrana 12
Codebreaker 2
Clothesline 26
Dropkick 8
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