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El Ferdinan
Move by Daimaitri

Date added: 4th December 2010
Viewed: 1573 times
Rating: 6.4/10 (5 votes)

(R) means Reversed

1 Pull-back Attacks
2 Possum pin
3 Outside Dives
4 Springboard Dives
5 Strong Strike
the must you chouse

Standard Actions

Ring-in / Out:
Normal Ring in 2
Roll Down Ring Out

Apronring-in / Out:
Normal Ring in 1
Normal ring out 2

Apronringside-in / Out:
Normal on the apron 1
Normal apron out 2

Chavo Guerrero 2
Tommy Dreamer 3


Strike Attacks
Buzzsaw Punch
Haymaker (R)
Dropkick to knee (R)
Spinning Kick 3
Elbow Smash 1 (R)

Strong Strikes
Strong Uppercut
Strong Knife Edge Chop

Kick Reversal
Reversal Clothesline
Reversal Leg Lace
Reversal Take Down
Reversal Push It

Quick Grapple
Back Chop 3
Knee Lift 1
Back Elbow
Shoulder Thrust 2

Quick Grapple Behind
Chop Block 2
Atomic Drop 1
Elbow to back of head

Quick Grapple Royal Rumble
Back Chop 6
Back Chop 6

Grapple Moves

Collar & Elbow
Grapple forearm smash 1
abdominal stretch
belly to belly 7
Backbreaker 2
suplex 8
Back suplex 8

side headlock
Grapple eye rake
underhook lock
back wheel trip
swinging snap ddt
Samoan drop 4
Ravishing neckbreaker or Neckbreaker 15

Wrist Lock
Grapple arm wrench
bearhug 2
Boxing combination upper
t-bone suplex 2 or 3
clothesline 15
powerful knee strike 1

Rear Waist lock
Grapple Forearm smash
cobra clutch
backslide pin 1
russian leg sweep 2
DDT 12
Super atomic drop


Strike Attacks
People's Stomp
Elbow drop 2
elbow drop 1

grapple moves facing up
Fist drop 3
key lock
pin with bridge

grapple moves facing down
armbar 3
double hammer punch
california dream

submission grapple
Surfboard Stretch
Camel Clutch
Single leg boston crap

submission match grapple
Surfboard stretch
Anaconda vise 2
boston crab


Strike Attacks
Turnbuckle Dropkick 1
Boxing punch 1
boxing punch 2

Grapple moves
Back elbow strike
batista shoulder block
the biggest chop
rope stretch chicken wing

Grapple from behind
Illegal pin
Snake eyes
Mexican Stretch
toss into ring post

sitting corner grapple
alley opp 1


Groggy against ropes
Backslide pin 2

Springboard attacks
springboard body splash 1

outside springboard attacks
Corkscrew body attack 2

Out of ring dive attack (Run)
Corkscrew body attack 1


Strike Attacks
Punch to ring
axe handle to ringside

Springboard attacks
Corkscrew body attack 3
springboard body splash 2

Apron suplex to ring 1
Apron suplex to ring 2
Apron shoulder block
Apron cut down
Apron pulling down 2

Apron Stomping
Apron Choke

Apron clothesline
Apron running knee attack


Diving attack vs. standing opp.
Diving reverse elbow
Diving double axe handle

Diving attack vs. downed opp.
Diving moonsault 1
Diving moonsault pin 3


Running Strikes
Left arm clothesline
Shoulder block 5

High angle uppercut
Spear 1

Grapple form behind
Chop Block 1
Neckbreaker 8

Ground strikes
Double axe handle 4
Elbow drop 3

Irish whip rebound
Cena Punch 1
Back body drop 1
Arm drag 5
Reversal forward roll

Pull-back attacks
Pull-Back Elbow
Pull-Back Armbar

Tag Team

Standing tag team
Double gut buster 2
Double DDT
Double Facebuster
Double Suplex or Double Beat head

Corner tag team
Body blow 2 or Low kick 1
Double arm whip 2 or 1
Head thrown to big boot
Hip toss & elbow or Hip toss 1

Tag Team Finishers
got none

Special Moves

Spear 5 or 2
One-handed backbreaker

Giant Swing (Fun-a-round swing)
Tombstone piledriver 2 or insted make one i named Tombstone Deaddriver (Recipe below)

Oklahoma Clutch 02 75%
Point Taunt 100%
Tombstone Piledriver Clutch 03 75%
360 Tombstone Piledriver Spin 50% (R)
Tombstone Cradle Cluntch 50%
Tombstone Cradle Impact 75%

Royal Rumble Finishers
Atomic drop 2
Samoan drop 5
Clothesline 26
Hotshot or Reality Check 2
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