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Eddie Guerrero
Move by horseman123

Date added: 13th June 2011
Viewed: 3193 times
Rating: 6.0/10 (3 votes)

Ring-in/ out- Jumping ring in 2
Quick ring out
Apron ring-in/ out- Rolling ring in
Jumping ring out
Apron ringside-in/ out- Normal on the apron 3
Normal apron out 1
Taunts- Latino Heat 3, Latino Heat 1, Latino Heat 2, Latino Heat 1

Strike attacks- Snap jab 2, Dropkick to knee, Back chop 1, ECW Feint wheel kick

Kick reversal- Reversal windmill, Reversal leg lace, Reversal sweep, Reversal mule kick 1

Quick Grapple- Arm drag 1, European uppercut 2, Arm wringer flip 1, Back chop 1

Quick Grapple from behind- Knee breaker 2, Forearm smash, One hand bulldog 2, Snapmare

Royal Rumble Quick Grapple- Knee lift 2, Push it, Dropkick 7, Mule kick 3

Grapple Moves:
Collar & Elbow- Grapple Forearm smash 1, Armbar 5, Crucifix pin, Russian leg sweep 1, Combination 2, Float over DDT

Side Headlock- Grapple elbow smash 2, Chin lock, DDT 21, Snapmare & Dropkick, Northern lights suplex 1, Powerful knee strike 1

Wrist Lock- Grapple elbow smash 1, Armbar 4, Suplex 9, Arm drag leg drop. Back suplex 1, Enzuigri 1

Rear Waist Lock- Grapple forearm smash 2, Cobra clutch, Latino cradle pin, Belly to back, DDT 13, Rolling cradle pin 2

Strike attacks- Angry stomp, Knee drop 5, Spiral leg drop

Grapple moves facing up- Head scissor roll over, Moonsault splash, Leg drop 1

Grapple moves facing down- Oklahoma roll pin 2, Dropkick 4, Back rake 3

Submission Grapple- Triangle hold, Camel clutch, Boston crab

Submission Match- The same as submission grapple

Strike attacks- On the top rope, Turnbuckle dropkick 1, Turnbuckle dropkick 2

Grapple- Dropkick 5, Back elbow strike, Super hurricanrana, Monkey flip 1

Grapple from Behind- Lucha DDT, Rolling powerbomb, Super back suplex, Spider suplex

Sitting Grapple- Mudhole stomping 2

Groggy against ropes- Slingshot body press pin

Springboard attacks- Springboard body splash 1

Outside Springboard attacks- Corkscrew body attack 2

Out of Ring Dive Attack( Run )- Rope flip 2

Strike attacks- Kick to ring, Kick to ringside

Springboard attacks- Springboard senton 2, Springboard bulldog 2

Grapple- Apron hotshot, Apron giant chop, Apron shoulder block, Apron pulling down 1, Apron pulling down 2

Ground- Apron elbow drop, Apron leg drop 2

Running- Apron senton, Apron running knee attack

Diving vs standing- Missile dropkick, Diving Cross body 2

Diving vs downed- Diving elbow drop 2, Diving moonsault 1

Running strikes- Clothesline 10, Running calf kick
Grapple- Hurricanrana 8, Headscissors takedown 1
Grapple from behind- Hurricanrana 6, One hand bulldog 1

Ground strikes- Senton 1, Running leg drop
Irish whip rebound- Back chop 1, Tilt a whirl side slam 1, Arm drag 5, Reversal forward roll, Leapfrog

Tag Team:
Standing- Double gut buster x 2
Knife edge chop x 2
Corner- Slingshot sunset flip x 2
Drop toe & elbow drop x 2

Special moves:
Signatures- Suplex 3, Armbreaker 3
Finishers- Suplex 4, Frog Splash Pin 1
Royal rumble finishers- Atomic drop 2, Hurricanrana 12, Clothesline 26, Hotshot
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