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Move by BrunoBarros

Date added: 1st May 2012
Viewed: 1811 times
Rating: 8.0/10 (2 votes)

Moves for NDS

Use attributes: (white Carrer mode , increase the attributes)
D: 6
P: 7
S: 4
S: 7

-Back Chop
-Leg Drop

Front Grapple (Weak)
-Scoop slam 1

Front Grapple (Strong)
-Fireman's Carry Slam
-Double Underhook Backbreaker
-Sitout Facebuster

Back Grapple (Weak)
-Full Nelson Bomb
-Russian Legsweep
-Atomic Drop

Back Grapple (Strong)
-Back Suplex 1
-Bulldog 2

Down Grapple
-Running Pointed Elbow Drop
-Leg Stomps 1
-Forearms Clubs
-Knee Slam 1

Corner Move:
-Corner Knee Strikes
-Elbow Drop 1

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