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Brodus Clay
Move by BrunoBarros

Date added: 1st April 2012
Viewed: 3224 times
Rating: 8.4/10 (11 votes)

Moves for NDS

Use attributes:
D: 3
P: 9
S: 3
S: 5

-Punch to Head
-Body Punch
-Shoulder Block

Front Grapple (Weak)
-Scop Slam 1
-Short-Arm Clothesline
-Two Handed Choke Toss

Front Grapple (Strong)
-T-Bone Suplex
-Two Handed Chokeslam
-Spinning Fisherman Suplex

Back Grapple (Weak)
-Back Suplex Pin 1
-Rear Headbutt
-Shin Breaker

Back Grapple (Strong)
-Back Suplex 2
-Half Nelson Choke Suplex
-PumpHandle Fallaway Slam

Down Grapple
-Side Punches
-Leg Snap
-Knee Slam

Corner Move:
-Hip Attack
-Back Superplex
-Double Axe Handle
-Elbow Drop 1

-Capture Suplex ( Don't exist G-Grip and Running Cross Body )
-Capture Suplex
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