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Alex Shelley
Move by LoudSpokenNick

Date added: 20th August 2010
Viewed: 2347 times
Rating: 6.4/10 (5 votes)

Outside Dives
Evasive Evade
Fan Favorite
Possum Pin
Standard Actions

Ring-In:Normal Ring in 1
Ring-Out:Slide Ring Out
Apron Ring In:Normal Ring 1
Apron Ring Out:Normal Ring 2
Apron Ringside In:Normal Ring 1
Apron Ringside Out:Normal Apron Out 2
Taunts:Squad,Eva Bourne 2,Squad,Assassain(Assassain because its close to the fin taunt alex shelley use to do)


Strike Attacks:Elbow(switch to right formation),Back Chop(switch to right formation),Enzuguiri 2,Spinning Back Kick 2,Spinning Elbow

Kick Reversal:Attack:Reversal Elbow\Grapple:Reversal Take Down/Grapple:Reversal Take Down/Reversal:Enzuguiri

Quick grapple:Back Chop 2,Hiptoss 4,(x2)

Quick Back Grapple: Snapmare,Triple H Low Kick,(x2)

Royal Rumble Quick:Back Chop 6,Elbow,Low Kick,Spinning Back Kick 4

Grapple Moves:
Collar and Elbow:Arm Drag 7,Small Package(x2),Powerbomb 4

Side Headlock:99 crusher,Hurricanrana 1,Final Cut,Spinning Reverse STO

Wrist lock:Scoop Slam 5,Super Kick,Cool Shot,Back Suplex 6

Rear Waist Lock:Back Suplex 5(x2),Crucifix(x2)


Strike Attacks:Elbow Drop 2,Wrestling Stomp,Elbow Drop 2

Grapple Moves: Facing up:Lionsault Pin

Side:Lionsault 2

Lower:Celtic Knot

Submission grapple:Triangle Hold,Camel Clutch,Single Leg Boston Crab

Submission Match:Triangle Hold,Camel Clutch,Single Leg Boston Crab

Strike Attacks:Turnbuckle Clothesline 1,Turnbuckle Clothesline 1,Turnbuckle Dropkick 2

Grapple Moves:Cornerflip Armdrag,Mule Kick 1,Biggest Chop,Running Bulldog 2

Grapple from behind:Mule Kick 2(x2),Spider Back Superplex(x2)

Sitting Corner Grapple:Mudhole Stomping 2

Rope:Big Slap

Spingboard attacks:Springboard Spinkick 1

Outside Springboard: Vaulting Body Press 2

Dive out of ring dive attack (run): suicide dive


Strike Attacks: Kick to ring, Kick to ringside

Springboard:Springboard Dropkick 1,Lionsault 3


Ground: Apron Stomping, Apron Elbow Attack

Running: Apron Clothesline, Apron Runing elbow

Diving Moves:

Diving attack vs. Standing Opp:Diving Cross Body Pin 1,Diving Hurricanrana

Diving attack vs. Downed Opp:Frog Splash Pin 1&2

Running Moves:

Running Strikes:Clothesline 8,Elbow Attack 4

Running Grapple:Headscissiors Takedown,Baseball Slide 2

Grapple from behind:Crucifix,Snapmare

Down Attack:

irish whip rebound:
Attack:Shooulder Block


Grapple:Droptoe Hold 1

Reversal:Reversal Kick

Ducking/Dodge:Leap Frog

Signature Moves:

1.Sweet Chin Music Pin 1


1. Schwein
2. Sliced bread#2

Royal Rumble Finishers: sweet chin music 2,(x4)

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