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Abdullah The Butcher
Move by WCW Forever

Date added: 9th February 2011
Viewed: 2948 times
Rating: 4.3/10 (4 votes)

Abilites: Durability
Referee Shield
Object Specialist
Ring Escape

He really doesn't do much so I'll try to be short with it...

Taunts: Spirit, Umaga 2, Khali1, Psycho

Strike Attacks: Throat Thrust 1, Kick to the Gut, Punch to Head, Cross Chop to Throat, Punch to Gut

Reversal: Clothesline, Takedown, Belly to Belly, Push it

Quick: Knee Lift, Headlock Punch, Eye Rake, Nose Clip

Quick Behind: Head Smasher, Headbutt 3, Back Rake 1, One-Handed Bulldog 2

I'm just gonna run the grapples so put'em in any order you like: Euro uppercut, Bearhug 2, Triple H Choke, Armlock Scoopslam, Belly to Belly 7, Suplex 8, Punch to Head, Sleeper, Choke Toss, Coconut Crush, Brain Chop1, Head Pound, Elbow Smash1, Chin Lock, Fireman's carry 1, DDT1, Undertaker Strikes, Throat Thrusts4, Elbow Smash 3, Cobra Clutch, Low Blow 5, Headbutt 4, Eletric Chair Drop, Backbreaker 8. (whew)

Ground: Wrestling hero stomp, Elbow drop 1, Angry stomp, Choke 2, Kick to back, Punch to groin, Back chop 4, Facecrusher 6, Back rake 3, (submissions do what you like).

Corner: T.Body attack, T.Clothesline 2, Stomping, Corner Choke, H.Chokehold, Biggest Chop, Kane Strikes, Illegel Pin, B.Corner Kidney Blow, Toss into Post, Side Slam 2, Umaga Hip Attack.

Rope: Decavitator 1

Signatures: Suplex 3, Low Blow 5

Finishers: Elbow Drop 9, Piledriver 1
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