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CAW by Jibby

Date added: 23rd October 2011
Viewed: 13379 times
Rating: 6.3/10 (22 votes)

*No Morphing Needed!*
*Paint Tool logo needed, Red Spider*

Height: 5'10'' (229 lbs)

Layers 1-7
Does not matter what you choose, it will all be covered by the mask!

8) Hair 2/76
9)Trunks & Underwear - Does not matter
10)Masks 16/23 (18,100,-45)
11)Masks 23/23 (100,100,30)
12)Tights 1/14 (100,100,-25,100,100)
13)Socks 1/19 (100,100,0,53)
14)Hands (Both) 4/17 (-23,100,0,100)
15)Tops 3/17 (Tight) (100,100,32,100)

Now, 16-32 are all Logo tattoos. I'll try to explain the best I can. See the pictures for help!!!!

16)Logo 103/140 (100,100,30,100) Make it as long as possible and kind of tall. Put it to the left of his stomach. (It should reach around to his back)
17)Logo 103/140 (100,100,30,100) Repeat 16 except on the other side.
18)Logo 128/140 (100,100,30,100) Make it wide enough to reach around to his back and tall enough to reach the top of his back. Rotate it once and place it above 17.
19) Logo 128/140 (100,100,30,100) Repeat 18, you may have to tweak it more to fit right. Place it above layer 16.
20)Logo 103/140 (100,100,30,100) Make it as large as possible and put it on his back near the top. Move it to the right a little so it "connects" with layers 16, 18 and 19.
21) Logo 103/140 (100,100,30,100) Make it as large as possible and put it on his back, near the bottom to the left. It should cover the rest of his back and connect with layer 17.
22)Logo 27/140 (Black) Make it a little taller and place it on his chest.
23)Paint Tool Data (Red Spider) Make it bigger and place it in the middle-top of his back.

24-27 are arm tattoos.

24)Logo 103/140 (100,100,30,100) Make it long and wide enough to cover the inside of his forearm. Let about half of it show on the front.
25)Logo 103/140 (100,100,30,100) Repeat layer 24 except let it cover the back of his forearm.
26 and 27) Repeat 24 and 25 except on the other arm.

28-31 are making his eyes.

28)Logo 93/140 (Black) This is hard to explain. Just make it big and rotate it to look like one of his eyes (see pics)
29)Logo 126/140 (White) Make an oval out of it and rotate it a little. Place it in more towards the nose and cover of the top part of the heart, making it round. (See pics)
30 and 31) Same as 28 and 29 except on other side.
32) Logo 130/140 (17,100,7,100) Place it on his nose, in between his eyes. (You may not need this layer if your "eyes" are far enough apart.

Name: Spider Man
Nickname: Default
Nickname Placement: None
Abbreviated Name: Spidey
Audio Name: Hero
Hometown: New York
Weight Class: Light Heavyweight
Crowd Reaction: Cheer
Show: Whatever you want.
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