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Sin Cara
CAW by Tetsuryu

Date added: 30th July 2011
Viewed: 31187 times
Rating: 8.6/10 (97 votes)

Wrestler: Sin Cara
Title: WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2010
Platform: PlayStation®3
Type: Download Only
Search Tags: Sin Cara, Mistico, Tetsuryu

[ Version ]

2.0 (Final Release?)

[ What's included ]

- Four different colored attires. They include Maya Blue (Original), MITB (Money in the Bank), Red (Rosso), and, Black (Nero).

- Custom Entrance with Umaga Theme.

- Emulated Moveset.

[ Signature Moves ]

Tigerbomb 1 (Pin)
Time of use: Groggy Front
Mistico used a similar piledriver; closest in resemblance.

Headscissors Takedown 1
Time of use: Running

[ Finishers ]

Spanish Fly
Time of use: Groggy Front
Mat version of the original move.

Yoshi Tonic (Pin)
Time of use: Groggy Front (Hold left analog stick towards any direction while pressing triangle)

[ Suggested Abilities ]

To be added manually by the user. Can be done via My > Superstar Management.

Evasive Dodge
Outside Dives
Springboard Dives
Possum Pin

[ Changes in this update ]

- Default (color) will render better in-game at the cost of accuracy; it's a much darker blue.

- MITB attire replaced Silver.

- Improved paint tool textures.

- Minor tweaks to the moveset and entrance.

- Versions 1.0 and 1.5 are still available for download on the servers.

[ What's Next ]

- No current plans for an update.
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