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Mexican Wrestler
CAW by !J4K3Y?

Date added: 12th December 2010
Viewed: 10411 times
Rating: 4.7/10 (37 votes)

Choose Superstar* NOT DIVA.

1)Do not change any body parts unless you want too.
2)Hair-2/76 (Do not bother to change colour).
3)If you want to go for a Rey Mysterio look choose a small height, about 5'4" (195 lbs).
4)Mask-19/23 (Any colour you want).
5)ARMWEAR_ARMS/WRISTS_RIGHT ARM_1/27 (Choose 1st colour of mask)
6)ARMWEAR_ARMS/WRISTS_LEFT ARM_1/27 (Choose 2nd colour of mask)
7)ARMWEAR_HANDS_RIGHT HAND_4/17 (Choose 2nd colour of mask)
(Choose 1st colour of mask)
(Choose 1st colour of mask)

Choose custom name to your liking and signs etc.
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