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Kurtis Stryker
CAW by Nick Gemini

Date added: 22nd January 2011
Viewed: 4241 times
Rating: 5.1/10 (9 votes)

1-start with template 4


2-hair-25/71;2 style; color: -100;-100;-40

4-eyes- Default
5-eyebrows: default

6-lips- 1/17; color: 100;0;0

8-age: 35



-body type-
19-body type: 4


32-hats- 5/37; Backwards style; color: 29;0;0

-upper body-
33-tops- 1/50; 1 style;1 style; color: 34;18;-13
34-body accesseries 17- 1/3; color: -15;-20;-100
35-armwear- hands- both hands- 8/16; color: -13;-100;0 -55

-lower body-
Wrestling Tights 1/37; color: -100
36-boots & shoes- 1/37; color: 90;-60;65

entrance- default
crowd signs:
wwe e the people
tommy dreamer
swantom bomb

name: Kurtis Stryker
nickname: none
nickname placement: none
abbreviated name: Stryker
announcer introduction: hero
hometown: New York
weight class: 200 lbs
crowd reaction: cheer
show: Raw
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