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CAW by Aaron Stevens-Dunn

Date added: 22nd March 2010
Viewed: 18243 times
Rating: 6.8/10 (100 votes)

H=height, W= width S=size D= depth

CHYNA the 9th Wonder of the World

Template 1
Hair …45. x:100 y:-52 s:-53 hair scale:100
Head… H: 80 W:34 D34
Forehead… S:-29 H:-65 W:7 D:0
Eyes…type 3: X:100 Y:-7 S:-100
Eyelashes…type 2
Eyebrows…type 18
Mouth …LIPS 13: X:100 Y:14 S:-45
Teeth: default
Skin…. Texture:9 X:100 Y:0 S:-4 Specular:-11
Skin age:0

Eyebrows: Y-AXIS:-100 Thickness:-100 Depth:58 Angle:-24
Eyes: Size:-60 H:27 W:31 Y:-71 X:34 D:50 Angle: 2
Nose: Size:0 H:100 W:-27 Length:29 Nh: 32 Nw: 68 D:-24 Angle:48
Cheeks: Size:27 Y:-100 X:100 D:100
Mouth: H:-67 Th:24 W:59 D:40 UL:-90 ll:21 Angle:-3
Jaw: H:77 W:100 D:77 O:30 UL:100 TH:100
Ears default

Height 6ft 1
Body Morph
Neck: H:8 W:18 D:0
Chest: H:-13 W:14 D:15
Bust: H:26 W:13 D:16
Shoulders: H:0 W:15 D:12
Abdomen: H:0 W:9 D:8
Waist: W:-7 D:-4
Arms: Length:0 W:13 D:12
Hands: L:5 W:0 D:9
Legs: L:1 W:1 D:8
Feet: L:13 W:15 D:10

Make up : 22: X:100 Y:-38 S:-4 TR:1
Make up : 20: X:100 Y:-6 S:-5 TR: 4
Make up : 1 :X:87 Y:0 S:0 TR:23
Make up : 11: X:100 Y:0 S:0 TR:100
Make up: 9: X:11 Y:-100 S:-30 TR:25
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